The Nuzzle Pillows – Will It Work For You?

Are hot, sweaty nights getting the best of you? Tired of having to switch your pillow around to maintain coolness? The quality of a pillow is crucial given that it supports the neck, and back and ensures proper alignment of the spine. Moreover, one of great quality typically assists in promoting muscle relief and might even go as far as pushing people into a sound sleep. How can anyone overlook the impact of pillow quality on different sleep positions? Would you believe us if we told you there’s one pillow that embodies all the characteristics of a good pillow? Here’s the proof, the following review will unearth the different layers of the Nuzzle Pillow.

What is The Nuzzle Pillow?

The Nuzzle Pillow is a pillow encompassing soft and smart adaptive fabric that embraces two internal layers for customizable comfort. Regardless of how consumers prefer to sleep, this respective pillow is reckoned to support both the head and neck in a dreamlike fashion. Put differently, the Nuzzle Pillow is a must-have to achieve sleep quality, so that anyone can seize the day without any hassles. The latter cannot be stressed enough seeing how the team members at Nuzzle are “big believers that better sleep means a better day.” In fact, they work with the following philosophy in mind:

“Tonight, shapes tomorrow. And that to turn your (waking) dreams into a reality, you’re better off with a refreshed mind than tired eyes.”

This belief was what led the Nuzzle team to develop a pillow that can hold its shape for 1001 nights and days. But the major outlet for us was learning how the Nuzzle Pillow embodies the integration of science. What is the latter supposed to mean? The only way to fully appreciate this pillow is by reviewing its list of features.


What features does The Nuzzle Pillow have?

The Nuzzle Pillow exemplifies an array of features that allow for a dreamlike experience. According to the makers, the most important ones are:

Scientifically Backed Cooling Technology

The foundation of the Nuzzle Pillow is a cooling technology called phase change material, which is the same fabric used in NASA space suits. This technology supposedly stimulates the pillow to dissipate redundant heat from the body, thereby reducing body temperature and sweaty nights. In addition, it is trusted to create long-lasting thermal balance to ensure the body reaches the comfort zone.

The Nuzzle Pillow also contains proprietary gel Nano-coils, which are high-tech fills that help the pillow retain its structure, maintain overall softness, and provide a feeling of weightlessness. These results are deemed possible because this flexible filling is meant to adapt to the head and neck.

Customizable Sleep

The main reason why the Nuzzle Pillow is said to induce customizable sleep is because of its adjustable support layers. By customizing the two inside layers, individuals can get exactly what their body needs for enhanced sleep quality. Speaking of layers, the soft layer is deemed perfect for stomach sleepers since it keeps the neck leveled. The medium layer has been designed to maintain straight spinal alignment from the neck down, and thus, is best for back or combination sleepers. Finally, by using both layers, side sleepers will get the ultimate firmness they desire.

Low Maintenance

Before washing the Nuzzle Pillow, individuals will need to separate the inner layers and outer shell. Luckily, the inner layers do not require any washes, making that aspect very low maintenance. That said, it is more than imperative to clean the outside shell. To do this, the Nuzzle team recommends using mild detergent in cold water on a delicate spin cycle (Yes, it is machine washable). Air-drying or a low-heat setting is most appropriate for this outer shell. To help with fluff, individuals might also want to consider the use of dryer balls.


The Nuzzle Pillow is made from down alternative, and therefore, it is hypoallergenic. Claiming a product as being hypoallergenic is equivalent to a promise that the materials and technology used account for skin health, namely, reducing or preventing the risk of allergic reactions and thus, promoting restful sleep. For instance, dust mites tend to be attracted to skin, and hair, which usually accumulate inside the filling of pillows over time. Hypoallergenic pillows like the Nuzzle Pillow prevents said contents from ever entering.

Sizing & Material

Currently, the Nuzzle Pillow comes in two sizes: the Standard Pillow size (18 inches by 26 inches) or the King Pillow size (18 inches by 33 inches). As for the material used, the cover is made using 100% cotton infused with phase change material and a 300-thread count with coil zipper. The inner chambers are made using 100% proprietary fiber.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How many configurations does the Nuzzle Pillow come in?

There are three possible configurations to choose from: SOFT, MEDIUM, and FIRM. Stomach and back sleepers might prefer the SOFT option, which entails leaving in the blue tag inner pillow and setting aside the red tag inner pillow. Back sleepers are recommended to use the MEDIUM option, which entails setting aside the blue tag inner pillow and leaving in the red tag inner pillow. Side sleepers might prefer the FIRM option, which requires both inner pillows.

Does the Nuzzle Pillow need to be fluffed before every use?

If possible, the Nuzzle Pillow must be fluffed daily before every use.

Does the Nuzzle Pillow purchase include a pillowcase?

No, the Nuzzle Pillow does not include a pillowcase. However, they are available in blue or gray at an additional cost directly from the official website.

Is it recommended to wash the Nuzzle Pillow before use?

Yes, it is best to wash the outer case of the Nuzzle Pillow before first-time use.

How high is the Nuzzle Pillow profile?

The Nuzzle Pillow is roughly 4 inches high.

Is the Nuzzle Pillow free from toxins and harmful chemicals?

The team at Nuzzle affirms that their products are certified and tested thoroughly to be free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Is the Nuzzle Pillow cruelty-free?

Yes, the Nuzzle Pillow is 100% cruelty-free. The team pledges to have procured their product from sources that meet high standards of sustainability.

When can I expect my Nuzzle Pillow shipment?

All Nuzzle Pillow orders should be shipped within 2 business days. At checkout, individuals will have the option to choose between standard shipping (2 to 7 business days) or priority shipping (2 business days).

Is the Nuzzle Pillow protected by a money-back guarantee? If so, are shipping fees covered?

Yes, the Nuzzle Pillow has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a return, the pillow must be unused or in like-new, donatable condition. Pillows with stains or damages will not be quality. The same goes for requests without a receipt or proof of purchase. As for shipping fees, customer support will initiate a prepaid shipping label once the return has been initiated. To initiate a return, an email must be sent to support@getnuzzle.com.

Does the Nuzzle Pillow include a warranty?

Yes, the Nuzzle Pillow includes a lifetime warranty. So, if the pillow was defective, customer support must be contacted promptly for a new one.

How much does The Nuzzle Pillow cost?

The Nuzzle Pillow is offered at two distinct price points as seen below:

  • 1 Nuzzle Pillow: $49.99 + $8.95 in S&H
  • 2 Nuzzle Pillows: $49.99 + $8.95 in S&H on the first pillow and $10 off + free S&H on the second
  • Deluxe Upgrade to the King Size Nuzzle Pillow: $20 more each

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the Nuzzle Pillow is an adjustable pillow that factors in body temperature, various sleep positions, sizing, skin health and simple maintenance among others. The fact that it uses the same fabric as those found on the NASA spacesuits was interesting to see. Furthermore, our editorial team was impressed by Nuzzle’s reliance on science to ensure complete rest. As we browsed through verified purchases on Amazon, the general consensus is that the Nuzzle Pillow was able to ease pain, regulate temperature, and induce comfort. However, for people who prefer firmer the FIRM option might not be enough. In fact, some people claim to have added a third pillow of their own into the mix for maximum comfort. To find out more about the Nuzzle Pillow, visit here! >>>


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