Primal Life Organics Natural Teeth Whitener System Reviews: Is It Effective?

Maintaining the natural white color of your teeth can be difficult. Stained teeth can cause emotional damage leading to poor self-esteem and lack of confidence. Maintaining the proper diet and good oral hygiene can help you retain the natural whiteness of your teeth.

There are multiple solutions to cleaning your teeth. However, some teeth whitening techniques are dangerous and may affect oral health. Some people use detergents and harsh chemicals to restore the color, leading to corrosion of the enamel and subsequent damage to teeth.

Other teeth whitening solutions are temporary and expensive. Primal Life Organics provides multiple natural oral health products. The LED Teeth Whitening system is their latest innovation to restore your dental health without using harsh chemicals. Does it work? Is the LED Teeth Whitening device safe?

What is an LED Teeth Whitening Device?

Primal Life Organics is the creator of the LED Teeth Whitening system. Trina Felber is a retired nurse and Primal Life Organics Company owner. She claims that the company seeks to educate individuals on using natural products to enhance their orals and skin health. Primal Life Organics categorically states that the latest oral health product LED Whitening device, can brighten the customer’s teeth in under 15 minutes. It comprises a red and blue light activator and activated charcoal gel to soothe and restore the brightness of the teeth.

The LED Teeth Whitening system aims to provide a safe, effective, and proven treatment to clean and whiten teeth simultaneously. Pure Life Organics notes that the kit is pain-free, non-invasive, and comprises natural ingredients. It has zero peroxides and acids that can harm the teeth or affect your overall well-being. LED Teeth Whitening is 100% safe and gives users zero discomfort, unlike most similar oral care products.

Trina Felber states that it can eliminate stains from smoking, tea, and coffee. The oral health gadget runs without batteries, and you can power it by connecting it to the USB port on your smartphone or any other similar device.

How Does Primal Life Organics LED Device Work?

The LED teeth whitening gadget works by applying the activated charcoal gel to a food-grade soft tray that fits any mouth. Its blue light then prompts the activated charcoal gel to remove stains from the teeth. Additionally, the blue light aids in brightening the teeth.

The LED Red light aids in restoring damaged tissues and cells while also promoting healing. The entire LED Teeth Whitening package includes 16 finely tuned LED bulbs that discharge Ultra-red and blue lights.

After the initial use, most people notice a significant improvement in the color of their teeth. However, Primal Life Organics recommends using the device multiple times a week until the desired shade is reached and then twice a week to maintain the teeth’ brightness.

How to Use the LED Teeth Whitening System

  • Apply the whitening gel to your fingers and spread it evenly on your teeth.
  • Turn on the LED lights by holding the LED button for about 1.5 seconds. To change from the blue to red modes, push the button once.
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth without biting it
  • Let the LED device work for about 16 minutes before switching off
  • Remove the mouthpiece from your mouth
  • Use warm water to rinse the teeth and wash the mouthpiece
  • Primal Life Organics recommends using the LED teeth-whitening device several times a week until you get the white color you desire. After that, use the tool about twice a week to maintain the desired color
  • LED Teeth whitening gadget uses an oil-based paste to soothe your gums and teeth. You may utilize the device with other dental treatments, including crowns and veneers.

Primal Life LED Teeth Whitening System Real White Gel Ingredients:

Primal Life Organics claims to use natural teeth whitening gel comprising of natural ingredients, including:


Activated charcoal is among the best ingredients for whitening and cleaning teeth. Historically, many cultures used charcoal to fight bad breath and manage various oral health issues. Multiple studies indicate that activated charcoal whitens the teeth by altering the mouth’s pH.

Activated charcoal makes the mouth more alkaline, thus preventing dental cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Similarly, it can aid in soothing the enamel and fighting sensitivity.

Primal Life Organics claim that activated charcoal possesses a negative charge, which attracts the positive charge of the stain molecules. The charcoal absorbs toxic elements and gases, including tea, coffee, and cigarette stains. Some studies indicate that activated charcoal may neutralize free radicals circulating in the system.

15 Essential Oils and Olive oil

Primal Life Organics adds olive oil and essential oils like wintergreen, cinnamon, tea tree, and lavender to help prevent tooth sensitivity. Further, the oils soothe the gums and enamels and augment healing. Similarly, the maker states that it provides the teeth with nutrients to maintain the bright white color of the teeth.


Bentonite clay consists of ions that act as antioxidants and antibacterial. The synthesized Bentonite clay provides the teeth with cations that target the stains and absorb them, thus brightening them. Additionally, the antibacterial effect nourishes the teeth and keeps them healthy.

LED Teeth Whitening System Features

Primal Life Organics states that the whitening kit is customer-approved and has several celebrity endorsements on its website. The blue light aids in lifting the stains from the teeth, while the red light repairs the teeth and prevents the development of mouth sores. LED teeth whitening does not cause any teeth sensitivity because it has zero peroxides; instead, the whitening gel uses activated charcoal gel containing multiple essential and olive oils.

The LED Teeth Whitening System comes with the following:

  • Travel case
  • Single LED Whitener including an adapter
  • 20 treatments Boost Whitening gel syringes
  • 700 nm red light & a 400 nm blue light
    • The LED lights in the dental kit have a lifespan of up to 50000 hours.

Availability and Pricing of the LED Teeth Whitening System

You can purchase the LED Teeth Whitening system via the official website for $199.97, a half-price discount if you order immediately. The kit includes a food-grade soft tray, activated charcoal whitening gel, and LED lights to last you up to 20 treatments. You can use the whitening kit on multiple people as long as it is thoroughly washed after every single use. The LED Teeth Whitening system comes with a one-year warranty & a 30-day return policy if you don’t like the product. To contact customer service with concerns or additional questions, please reach out via the following methods:

Final Word

The LED Teeth Whitening gadget promises to clear multiple types of teeth stains. The kit is user-friendly, safe, and does not cause any teeth sensitivity. All its ingredients are science-based, and the LED lights are friendly to your oral health. Get your Primal Life Organics LED Teeth whitening kit today!



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