Powher Pre-Workout Review – Ingredients That Work for Women?

The supplements market now has a new pre-workout product for women. Powher Pre-workout for Women is a new supplement with women in mind and can enhance workout routines without adding bulk to muscles. Powher is great tasting and contains no creatine to keep you motivated and remain on top of your workout.

Because women’s bodies can metabolize caffeine more quickly than men’s, Powher designed a formula to rev up thermogenic effects with an extended-release caffeine ZUM XR and combined with natural caffeine amplifiers to reduce stimulants and fewer energy crashes.

No Creatine

Products without creatine are exciting because they improve athletic performance for women without forcing muscles to bulk. Powher’s creators say they wanted to avoid adding creatine. Women who consume this product can tone and tighten their muscles without adding male pre-workout ingredients that allow a more bulky look from pre-workout products intended for men. The ingredients in this formula are powerful and exciting. They have scientific studies supporting their claims. They’re called Ultimate Life and are focused on nothing else than making products of the highest quality.

Powher Benefits

Unlike other pre-workout products, the creators of Powher Pre-workout for Women provides:

  • Improved alertness
  • Higher endurance levels
  • Improvements in endurance
  • Improved concentration levels

The creators wanted to offer women better benefits and results from a vigorous workout. And they didn’t disappoint. Their formula promises to:

Boost Energy Levels

According to its creators, Powher is a supplement that eliminates the pre-workout jitters, caffeine crashes, and headaches, as the pre-workout product contains just 100mg of caffeine. It’s an energy enhancer that helps you avoid all the symptoms of consuming too much caffeine.

Increased Endurance

Some ingredients in the Powher Pre Workout formula are known to delay the point that muscles become exhausted, allowing women to work out longer and harder. You will no longer need to do that many reps, and your training sessions will be more rewarding.

Reduced Fatigue

Ingredients used in Powher Pre-workout for Women include the right number of nutrients to prevent your body from becoming fatigued. This means you will be able to exercise not only more but also efficiently.

Better Mood and a More Agile Mind

Achieving your weight loss or muscle-building goals is much more than going through workouts that exhaust you or train your muscles too much. It’s a lot about where your mind is too. Powher Pre-workout for Women contains nootropic ingredients known to help you focus and remain motivated.


Is It Safe to Use Powher Pre-workout for Women?

Since it’s 100% natural, the Powher formula is entirely safe to use. Many users and websites have rated it as safe. The manufacturers are transparent about the ingredients they have used to make it. Moreover, they have avoided using proprietary blends that aren’t that well-known. As mentioned, the caffeine serving in this supplement is at 100 mg or under. While this is more than other similar products available on the market contain, it’s not enough to cause any damage to those who are sensitive to this stimulant. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should use Powerher or other products caffeine at all.

Powher Pre-workout for Women Ingredients

There are 13 ingredients in this pre-workout supplement. Each of these ingredients is meant to increase the training potential that you have. The serving sizes of Powerher are just enough for you to turn into a muscle-building machine. Here are these ingredients explained:

Natural Caffeine from Green Coffee Bean

Caffeine is known worldwide for stimulating the nervous system. This means it boosts both the body and the mind. At the same time, it helps the body burn fat instead of glycogen, meaning that it allows you to train more intensively for more extended periods of time. Studies (1,2) show it increases strength as well.

Vitamins B6 and B12

B vitamins are crucial for energy levels and provide several other benefits. Such as, vitamin B6 helps keep blood sugar within a normal range, and vitamin B12 protects against anemia

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Water contains a large amount of Potassium; Potassium is a vasoactive electrolyte that supports the normal muscular and neurological function.


Essential in assisting in the metabolism and storage of carbs, fats, and proteins in the body from insulin, and used often for weight loss and to control blood sugar.


Supports improved cardio performance


When it comes to the world of pre-workout supplements, EnXtra is a brand-new ingredient. It has very positive effects on how you stay alert, especially if it’s combined with caffeine. According to research (3), this ingredient increases your alertness without having the nasty effects of caffeine crashes.


RedNite gives Powher its pretty pink color and comes from Beetroot; RedNite provides the body with enough Nitrate to allow neuromuscular benefits while working out (4).


According to science, L-Tyrosine is very effective at increasing the production of Epinephrine and Dopamine, 2 essential neurotransmitters that make you feel happier and at peace with everything. By improving your mood (5), L-Tyrosine helps you remain motivated while training.

L-Citrulline Malate

This strong amino acid and vasodilator (6) can be found in abundance in watermelon. When it reaches your bloodstream, it raises your body’s levels of Nitric Oxide. When this happens, your blood vessels start expanding, and the nutrients circulating through your blood get to organs more rapidly. When working out, this reduces fatigue and increases your endurance. By consuming this ingredient in supplements, athletes can do more repetitions and train for longer hours.


How to Use Powher Pre-workout for Women

Mix one 10g scoop of the Powher Pre-workout for Women with approximately 250ml of any beverage, water included, about 30 minutes before exercising. This gives the supplement enough time to enable the caffeine and to optimize the advantages of the pre-workout. Allow 5 hours to pass before you consume the supplement before going to bed so that the stimulant doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

Purchase Powher Pre-workout for Women

From the product’s official website, you can get the Powher Pre-workout for Women at the following price offers:

  • 1 bottle of Powher Up $45.00 + Shipping costs
  • 2 bottles of Powher $90.00 Free Shipping in the UK and USA
  • Ultimate Bundle of 3 bottles of Powher Up and 1 free bottle of Powher Up $135.00 with Free worldwide delivery

All purchases offer a 90-day money-back guarantee from purchase to decide if Powher works for you or not. Looking at the reviews people who have tried left on the Powher official website, you should have no reason to doubt the efficacy of this supplement. If you want to contact Powher’s customer service, you can do so by sending an email or a letter to the following addresses:

  • Email: info@powherofficial.com
  • Company Address: Ultimate Life Ltd, registered at 21 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2EX

All Powher Pre-workout for Women products is made in certified GMP and FDA-registered facilities in the US.

To learn more about the company behind the Powher Pre-workout for Women, visit the official website.

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