Pitch Black Sleep Enhancement Supplement Review (Muscle Monsters)

Thousands of men worldwide suffer from poor sex drive, obesity, lack of lean muscles, and poor sexual performance and stamina. Experts believe poor quality sleep reduces testosterone hormone levels which ultimately affects your masculinity. In addition, many males worldwide are unable to get a healthy diet and time to exercise. As a result, obesity has become rampant.

Effects of poor quality sleep

  • Reduced testosterone hormone levels
  • Diminished sexual urges
  • Increase in weight and loss of muscles
  • Fatigue and weakness even after sleeping for longer hours
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Increased soreness and inflammations
  • Irritability and mood swings affect your social relationships
  • Lack of sexual stamina and performance
  • Inability to have and sustain an erection
  • Increased risk of developing heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes type 2
  • Decreased cognitive function such as lack of focus and brain fog

What is Pitch Black Dietary Supplement?

Pitch Black is a natural dietary supplement that claims it can help you enjoy better quality slumber regardless of the number of hours you spend sleeping. In addition, the creator of Pitch Black dietary supplement claims this product is perfect for men who cannot get sexual satisfaction. The developer of Pitch Black, Alain Gonzalez, is a middle-aged man who suffered from diminished energy levels, low libido, poor erections, and adequate sleep. After months of research on improving his situation, Gonzalez discovered organic ingredients that could help improve his worsening condition.

Catabolic sleep is the major cause of numerous masculine conditions, including sleep disorders, poor erections, low libido, and lack of energy. In addition, most men get humiliated in the bedroom when they are unable to satisfy their partners sexually. Pitch Black is a sleep formula that claims it can increase the production of testosterone hormone, keep you full of energy throughout the day and build your muscles. Pitch Black creator claims you do no need longer hours of sleep but rather better quality of sleep. Catabolic sleep causes obesity, weakness, and impotence in numerous men around the globe. When you improve your sleep quality, you will experience higher energy levels, increased testosterone levels, weight loss, and muscle gain.

Pitch Black Ingredients


Glycine is a form of amino acid that can naturally improve the muscles’ strength, power, and size. Similarly, glycine is a natural sedative that allows you to experience deep and satisfying sleep cycles. In addition, glycine can increase the production of testosterone hormone.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a natural herb that can calm your nerves. Additionally, the lemon balm works by treating sleep disorders like apnea and insomnia. As a result, you will be able to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lavender Extract

Lavender extract is a popular pain reliever. Similarly, lavender extract improves blood circulation, which allows you to experience better erections for improved sexual performance. Lavender extract is also known to treat anxiety and depression due to its ability to improve your moods. Lavender extract functions as a natural aphrodisiac; thus, you will be able to get into the sexual mood faster.

Tart Cherry

Tart Cherry is a natural pain killer plant. Tart cherry works by reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation. Additionally, this ingredient increases your body’s immunity by fighting oxidative stress.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that influences the parasympathetic nervous system. Magnesium boosts the production of testosterone which improves your masculinity.


How Pitch Black Sleep Enhancement Powder Works

Pitch Black manufacturer claims this dietary supplement works by providing you with anabolic sleep. Gonzalez claims Pitch Black formula is made from natural sedatives from plants and herbs. Also, Pitch Black asserts you will be able to fall asleep 14 seconds after consuming this powder naturally. Whether you sleep for 8 or 4 hours, Pitch Black developer claims you will be able to wake up feeling:

  • More energized and vigorous throughout the day.
  • Increased sexual urges and enhanced libido.
  • Increased strength and gain of lean muscles.
  • Reduced fatigue and tiredness.

Benefits of Pitch Black Supplements

Most people turn and toss around before sleeping. Others wake up numerous times at night, which reduces the quality of sleep. Pitch Black dietary supplement claims it can aid in improving the quality of sleep. Pitch Black ingredients diminish sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

Some people retire to their beds early and sleep for up to 8 hours, and still wake up feeling sleepy and tired. Pitch Black sleep enhancement developer stresses that this product allows your body to relax fully after sleeping. Consequently, you will be able to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-energized, ready to face your day.

Men’s physique should be muscular. Most women are sexually attracted to a male who has solid muscles. Pitch Black supplement claims it can help men build their muscles by increasing testosterone levels, a masculine hormone. Muscle gain can improve male activities in and outside the bedroom.

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Intimacy solidly binds relationships. However, when men are unable to satisfy their partners sexually, it can cause a rift. Pitch Black’s all-natural sleep supplement contends that it can help a man pleasure and satisfy their mates. Pitch Black sleep enhancement increases blood circulation around the penis, aiding men to get better erections.

Pitch Black claims it can increase the production of testosterone hormone, thus improving blood flow in your system, which improves your immunity and reduces the risk of developing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and stroke.

Pitch Black developer claims users can experience increased brain function by regularly consuming this product. Therefore, men can improve memory, focus, and clarity, thus enhancing their quality of life.

Pitch Black claims it can aid in burning fat in problematic areas such as the stomach and chest. Pitch Black allows the growth of rock-hard muscles, which improves your physical appearance.

Who can use Pitch Black nutritional supplements?

Pitch Black is a sleep booster designed for adult males above the age of 21. Alain Gonzalez recommends getting medical advice before consuming Pitch Black supplements. Additionally, users who have grave medical conditions should not consume Pitch Black enhancements. The Pitch Black manufacturer has provided a list of Pitch Black ingredients on the product’s label. Therefore, users must ensure they do not react to any ingredients before consuming Pitch Black sleep booster. In addition, individuals who have thyroid issues must not consume Pitch Black nutritional enhancements.

Pitch Black Dosage

Pitch Black developer recommends consuming this product a few minutes before bedtime. According to the manufacturer, you should mix one scoop of Pitch Black and mix it well with about eight ounces of warm water and then drink the mixture. The manufacturer asserts Pitch Black contains no harmful additives; thus, users are unlikely to develop any major side effects.

However, users must follow Pitch Black’s manufacturer dosage directions to ensure all the ingredients get delivered to your system effectively. In addition, Pitch Black should only be used when you are ready to sleep to provide you with an anabolic siesta. Pitch Black developer provides a 365 money-back guarantee if this product does not provide you with effective results.

Where to buy Pitch Black

You should purchase Pitch Black sleep booster from their official website. In addition, the company offers free shipping services to all American locations. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 Bottle: $79.00
  • 3 Bottles: $59.00 each
  • 6 Bottles: $49.00 each

Pitch Black offers a 365 Day 100% Back Money-Back Triple Guarantee, so you know you are making a risk-free purchase. For further information, customer service can be reached via:

  • Email: support@musclemonsters.com
  • Phone: 407-603-9225

Pitch Black Conclusion

Sleep and relaxation help your body to re-invigorate itself. Catabolic sleep is detrimental to males’ health as it can affect their sexual performance, reduce energy levels and cause constant fatigue and tiredness, which decreases their quality of life. Pitch Black enhancement claims it can provide you with better quality of sleep. Also, Pitch Black increases energy levels in your body, allowing you to go on with your daily tasks without feeling fatigued. In addition, men can improve their physique by regularly consuming Pitch Black enhancement to grow their lean muscles. Lastly, Pitch Black stimulates the production of testosterone hormone.

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