How to Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number for Free

Anonymous calls can be annoying. More often than not, you don’t have any idea if the call is legit or a scam. Fortunately, by doing a reverse phone number lookup, you can reveal the identity of your caller. A phone number lookup by name provides you with detailed information about a phone number owner.

If you want to start now in searching for your caller’s identity, it’s a good idea to start with these Top 4 reverse phone number search sites:

  1. Instant CheckMate – Instant CheckMate relies on its vast data source to provide you with detailed and accurate information about a phone number.
  2. Spokeo – Spokeo lets you search for information about a phone number quickly and with confidentiality.
  3. CocoFinder – At CocoFinder, you can get in-depth information about people, phone number, address and email.
  4. NumLooker – A reverse phone number lookup at this website is as easy as entering the phone number and clicking a button.

10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

1. Instant CheckMate


Instant CheckMate is our top choice for free reverse phone number lookup with a name because it allows you to easily, conveniently, and securely search for phone number information. A quick search on the website gives you valuable information such as a person’s name, home address, social medial activities, and criminal records, if available.

At Instant CheckMate, you don’t have to wait long to get the results of your search. Reports are generally available a few minutes after you click the search button. However, with the free service, you can only view partial information a s the full report is available if you purchase a subscription plan.

Apart from reverse phone lookups, you can also do other sorts of searches on the website including people searches, criminal records searches, and inmate searches. The platform has already recorded over 1.4 billion searches and counting.

Use Instant CheckMate Now to Access Accurate Information About a Phone Number.

2. Spokeo


With billions of records on its database, it is not a surprise how Spokeo can deliver a full reverse number lookup report complete with a person’s name, address, contact information, family affiliation, associates, social media activities and other vital personal information.

Spokeo has access to different types of public information such as property records, historical records, business records, court records and more. With a click of a button, Spokeo can quickly search through its database and find information associated with your phone number search. In less than 5 minutes, it will offer you a full report that is easy to understand. It provides results-driven pricing so you know you get what you pay for.

When you create a Spokeo account, you get updates on your search reports for the lifetime of your account. If your initial search does not generate results, its data will refresh and you may be able to get information in the future. This type of service allows you to stay up to date with your searches.

Search Now and Get Regular Updates on Your Searches When You Use Spokeo.

3. CocoFinder


CocoFinder offers multiple results in one search. It partners with reliable online search platforms that are responsible for preparing your lookup reports.

The details of the report and the fees to access them can greatly vary from one provider to another and it is important to carefully compare the results and associated fees before downloading a report.

While the site is popularly known for its reverse phone number lookup service, you can also use CocoFinder to perform other types of searches like people search and public information search. CocoFinder’s database of information is sourced from 50 states and as long as the call came from any state, you should be able to get valuable information with the press of a button.

A detailed reverse phone number report generally contains the name, address, social media accounts, arrest records, and other personal information.

Search for Phone Number Information Securely by Using CocoFinder.

4. NumLooker


With over 12 million searches just this year, you can tell that NumLooker is also a popular site for those who want to do a reverse phone number lookup. This platform offers detailed people and phone lookup service, and it allows you to do your search with confidentiality. No one will know you did a lookup of someone. A full report for a reverse phone number lookup could tell you the phone number owner’s name, age and gender, other contact details, social media presence, location, family members and other personal details.

NumLooker boasts of a fast and efficient lookup service. It also provides special filtering options for the results so that you only get the information you need. Additionally, if you have a subscription plan, you will get an update on any change in the information from what you originally received.

You can also use NumLooker for a variety of purposes including people searches, public records searches, background checks and address lookups.

A Phone Number Lookup Is Way Easier Than You Think if You Use Numlooker.

5. Best People Finder


Best People Finder is a people search website that lets you do a reverse phone number search quickly and securely. It promises to provide you with comprehensive reports in just 5 seconds!

A full report contains information such as the owner’s name, residential address, alternate phone number, email address, social media accounts, relatives, criminal history, and more. The reports this platform provides are 99% accurate and up to date. If there are changes to your reports, it will also give you updates if you have a paid account.

Moreover, you can also do other searches on the Best People Finder website. Its popular services include background checks, address lookups, and email lookups. Best People Finder protects your privacy. It will not inform anyone of your searches.

Learn More About the Simplicity of Reverse Phone Number Lookups at Best People Finder.

6. Find People First


At Find People First, you can securely and easily search for people’s information at any time of the day. It has a user-friendly website where you could enter a phone number and generate information associated with it. It searches through phone number directories and other data sources to get as many details as possible.

Find People First has access to millions of public records coming from court records, public records, marriage records, state and federal records, social media records, and deep web data. With the amount of information at its disposal, it can provide you with accurate information.

A full report from this platform contains the full name, aliases, birth date, physical address and email address, social media accounts, and more. This report is available a few minutes after initiating the search, and a more comprehensive report is also available for a fee.

Visit Find People First if You Are Looking for Reliable Phone Number Lookup Services.

7. People Find Fast


People Find Fast is an online search platform that is true to its promise of swift and accurate people search services. With the click of a button, it searches through its huge database to find personal information, addresses, vital records, criminal records, educational details and social media activities that are linked to a phone number.

Apart from reverse phone number lookup with a name, you can also do people searches, address lookups and email lookups on the website. Its website is secure and it allows you to confidentially search for information. No other people will be informed of your searches.

If You Want to Find People as Quickly as Possible, Use People Find Fast.

8. True Person Finder


True Person Finder partners with reputable search platforms to give its users the best reverse lookup service possible. When you search on the website, you can generate multiple reports from its partners that you can access for a fee.

You can use True Person Finder for a variety of purposes such as identifying anonymous calls and texts, finding out more about legit and scam online sellers, contacting more friends, or just feeding your curiosity. Aside from reverse lookups, you can also do background checks, email lookups, address lookups and people searches on the website.

Use True Person Finder Now to Conveniently Search for People’s Online Public Data.

9. Find People Faster


If you want to get more information about a phone number, find a lost friend or get to know more about someone, Find People Faster can help you. It has a secure search tool where you can look up information associated with a phone number, name or email. They have millions of records on their database that will give you information such as name, age, birthday, contact details, relatives, sex offender records, arrest records, traffic tickets and more.

Find People Faster is highly recommended by its users due to its easy and efficient service. Apart from that, users get to search securely without worrying about data leaks.

Use Find People Faster to Find Out Everything You Need to Know About a Phone Number.

10. Real People Finder


True to its name, Real People Finder is about finding real people’s data from valid public records. With a click of the search button, you can easily unveil who your caller is and get to know the person’s name, birthday, contact information and more. You can freely use the search tool on the website, but a comprehensive report is only available for those who avail of its subscription package.

Real People Finder provides you with search reports through its partner search engines. Fees to access a full report may vary but it is possible to generate a report for less than a dollar.

Find the Person Behind a Phone Number by Using Real People Finder.

Some Important Terminology You May Encounter When Using Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services

Reverse Phone Lookup – A reverse phone lookup allows you to know the identity of your caller by simply entering a phone number. Websites that offer this type of service generally have a vast database of public information that they use to provide detailed information about a phone number. Many websites offer free reverse lookup services. However, a full report is generally available only for a fee.

Auto-Dialer – This hardware device or proprietary software is pre-programmed to automatically dial phone numbers from a database. An auto-dialer is generally used for outbound sales and telemarketing purposes. Once a call is answered, an auto-dialer will redirect the recipient of the call to a sales agent or a recorded message.

Direct Marketing – This term refers to a type of marketing strategy that involves selling products or services directly to a person. Common types of direct marketing campaigns include calls, emails, online ads, newsletters, text messages, magazine advertisements, coupons, and more. The main goals of direct marketing are to promote a product or service and to boost sales.

Recorded Message – Recorded messages are typically a part of a sales or advertising campaign wherein a company would play a recorded message while a customer is on hold during a call, or in some cases, it is played as an outbound call. Some companies also use recorded messages to answer frequently asked questions or to provide instructions to the other person on the line.


Gone are the days when you have to guess who called you when the person at the other end of the line wants to stay anonymous. With free reverse phone number lookup with name, you can quickly search for a name, address, contact details, and other information by just entering a phone number.

While many websites provide reverse phone number lookup services, not all are the same. It’s important to carefully choose which provider to use to get accurate information. We’ve listed the top 10 trustworthy sites with a vast database of information that can let you search securely and secretly.