EyeQue Reviews: At-Home Personal Vision Tracker That Works?

When was the last time you decided to get your eye test done? Has it been a year? Maybe two? Has it ever occurred to you that anything is possible within this timeframe? If so, then this is a vital realization to have. There must be a way to keep track of one’s vision progress without having to either pay for the eye test or new glasses, right? Well, according to Co-Founders Tibor Laczay and Dr. John A. Serri, individuals can finally monitor their vision within the comfort of their homes. Curious to find out exactly how something so complex has been simplified for use by the general public? Here’s everything there is to know about EyeQue®.

What is EyeQue®?

Invented by President and Co-founder Dr. John A. Serri, EyeQue has proclaimed an award-winning personal vision tracker (PVT) intended to serve as a high-tech vision screening tool. Supported by a mobile device and the EyeQue PVT app, individuals can use the EyeQue miniscope to read their vision numbers accurately.

The fact that individuals can finally track their vision progress is a big deal on its own, seeing that the required number of visits to the optometrists’ office is rarely fulfilled. Then there’s affordability, which undoubtedly meets the mark. Finally, individuals can verify their results using the “Try-On” Glasses beforehand. Can it get better than this? Well, let’s find out by listing the complete steps to how EyeQue® works.

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How does EyeQue® work?

The EyeQue® PVT has been designed to work in five crucial steps. First, individuals are asked to attach the EyeQue® PVT to their respective mobile devices and scan both eyes for the refraction error to produce the EyeGlass Numbers. Once completed, numbers, including the sphere, cylinder, and axis for both eyes, will be available on the EyeQue® app. Using the latter, low-cost custom-made test glasses will be sent out to confirm the EyeGlass Numbers before shopping for new glasses. Finally, after confirming that the results are, in fact, accurate, new glasses can be confidently purchased.

What features does EyeQue® carry?

Four crucial features put EyeQue® at the top within its respective market. These include:


Before anything, we should have discussed safety as a factor. Well, EyeQue® PVT has been registered by the FDA as a class one ophthalmic refractor, confirming that it is non-invasive to use. The same stands for the light from the smartphone screen.


Forget having to book an appointment with your optometrist, as EyeQue® can be used anytime, anywhere. This makes it convenient and hassle-free thanks to its simplicity, ultimately allowing individuals to overcome the steep learning curve.


The team at EyeQue® claims to have administered a survey to all their customers to discover that approximately 90% of members who purchased glasses using the EyeGlass Numbers affirmed that “they are the same or better than their previous Rx eyeglasses.


All test results can be obtained by returning to the mobile app or online. This is a great way to review, compare and contrast those from the past to the present. In reality, if any issues were to arise to one’s vision, they can be brought to a doctor’s attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is a refractive error?

Refractive (or refraction) error is a problem with focusing light on the retina due to the shape of the eye. This is typically a result of the eyes’ inability to focus on images. Fortunately, these issues are reversible through wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Who is EyeQue® suitable for?

The entire EyeQue® system is deemed most suitable for adults in their mid-twenties and above. More advanced support may be needed with aging eyes, so we would prefer the elderly to visit the optometrist.

How accurate are the results generated by EyeQue®?

The team at EyeQue® insists that the results are incredibly accurate because it relies on MIT-patented technology that has been repeatedly tested and finally optimized. However, vision tends to fluctuate throughout the day, so individuals are asked to conduct multiple tests in different instances. An average of the resulting numbers should suffice to represent one’s vision.

Are the results generated by EyeQue® guaranteed?

After each completed vision test in the “Test” mode, results will be uploaded to the EyeQue® Cloud™. The latter has been implemented to determine a confidence level based on the test. The higher the confidence, the more likely the EyeGlass Numbers will be displayed on one’s screen. Inconsistent results will not be displayed, forcing individuals to reconduct the tests until they are accurately captured.

What are the limitations of EyeQue®?

The only limitation of EyeQue® is that it can only measure refractive error within a specific range. To be more precise, spherical markers will only be captured if they are within +8.00D and -10.00D. As for cylindrical markers, they should fall within 0.00 and -4.00D. Finally, the axis measurement will be displayed in 1-degree increments between 1 and 180 degrees.

Is EyeQue® safe to use?

The EyeQue® team insists that it is perfectly safe to use. While taking the vision test, the eyes will be exposed to light from the smartphone’s screen, but most consumers will likely stare at it for longer hours. Thus, this process is deemed relatively non-invasive. Moreover, the actual material includes ABS plastic and a soft silicone eyecup, both safe and can induce maximum comfort.

Can tests be performed by attaching EyeQue® onto a laptop or tablet rather than a mobile device?

EyeQue® has been designed to be paired with a smartphone, so no, it shouldn’t be attached to a laptop or tablet.

Does the FDA approve the EyeQue® Personal Vision Tracker?

Yes, the EyeQue® PVT has been registered with the FDA as a class one medical device with a 510k exemption. In addition, this device has garnered both RoHS and CE certifications.

What if EyeQue® does not bring satisfaction?

Yes, EyeQue® PVT has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information on how the refund processes work, consider the following points of contact:

  • Address: 39608 Eureka Dr. Newark, CA 94560
  • Email: support@eyeque.com.

How much does EyeQue® cost?

EyeQue® units vary depending on the quantities purchased. Matter-of-factly, the more units purchased, the lower the per-unit cost. To put things into a better context, review the following:

  • 1 EyeQue® PVT: $64.96 each
  • 2 EyeQue® PVTs: $48.72 each
  • 3 EyeQue® PVTs: $43.31 each
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Meet the EyeQue® Team

EyeQue® is on a mission to bring affordable eye care to the general public. Co-founders Tibor Laczay and Dr. John A. Serri, PhD, discovered an MIT patented technology that could hypothetically create a smartphone-powered refraction test rivaling traditional room-sized ophthalmic refractometers. Given the power of technological advancements, the duo managed to make it a reality. What makes this company even more reassuring is its medical advisory board, with each member (primarily composed of ophthalmologists) contributing towards the products, services, and programs offered.

Final Verdict

The EyeQue® Personal Vision Test is exactly what it’s called, i.e., a device that allows one to generate the necessary Eyeglass Numbers to ensure their vision is corrected down the line. Despite the relevance of our vision, people rarely give it a thought, or worst-case scenario, only care once every second year. With EyeQue® on hand, individuals can keep track of their progress and, should something unusual come up, can bring it up to their respective optometrist.

Of course, this device has its limitations, namely the range of refraction error it can accurately capture, suggesting that it is inadequate for people with poor to extremely poor vision. Aside from that, the features, medical advisory board, and price as a factor make EyeQue® an investment that should not be missed out on. To find out more about EyeQue® and the company’s innovative PVT, visit here>>>.

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