Breeze Maxx Air Cooler Reviews – Risky Scam or Portable AC That Works?

Summer comes with a significant rise in temperature levels. Our homes and places of work become unbearable due to these high levels of heat. This rise in temperatures can lead to heat strokes, especially in young children and the elderly. During these periods, most people prefer installing air conditioning systems to help regulate indoor temperatures to avoid problems brought by the heat.

Installing a permanent air conditioning system can be very expensive. Running the AC system also requires electricity, which will increase the monthly bills at the end of the month. Recently a group of scientists developed the Breeze Maxx personal cooler, which performs similar functions to conventional air conditioners.

What is Breeze Maxx Cooling Device?

The Breeze Maxx device is a portable device that claims to ensure a cool environment for users, making it comfortable. It does not fully replace the conventional air conditioning system, but it provides cool air and a lightweight design that can help you save money.

The device also works as an air purifier and fan. The multipurpose property of the gadget and the costs associated with it make it a popular option among many people.

How Does Breeze Maxx Work?

The Breeze Maxx cooling device works as a NanoBox air cooler. It is a 4 in 1 cooling device that uses a PolarTec coated fan system to cool the air. The device contains a special water curtain filter that stops warm air from entering the device. Once the device stops the warm air molecules from entering, the Breeze Maxx converts them to cool air. The rotation of the fan pushes the cool air into the room hence making the room cooler.

Most air conditioning devices draw the humidity or water molecules from the air. Breeze Maxx makes use of evaporation technology. The device contains a water pocket that adds humidity to the air making it moisturized. This technology helps to prevent eye and nasal irritation and dryness on the skin of users. It also ensures that it is safe for the entire respiratory system.


The Breeze Maxx Cooling Process

The Breeze Maxx device cools and moisturizes the air using two systems which include:

The water tank

The water tank’s main function is to hold water and will hold 380ml of water. The device sends the water together with the cool air to ensure that the room is completely humid to avoid skin dryness.

The water curtain

The air released from the device passes through a water curtain before being released into the room. The warm air entering the device leads to evaporation. The moisture contained in the curtain cools the air leading to a temperature drop around the curtain. As a result, it releases cool and humidified air on the other side of the device.

Breeze Maxx Filtering Process

Breeze Maxx has a filter that eliminates allergens such as specks of dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens from the air that passes through it. Once the air enters the water curtain, it is cooled, humidified, and released back into the area it’s being used in. This makes it safe for people with respiratory illnesses.

How to Use Breeze Maxx

From the information, one might think that the device requires technical knowledge to operate. It is important to note that it is one of the easiest devices to purchase and use. Below is a brief description of how to use the Breeze Maxx air cooler:

Switch on the Fan

The Breeze Maxx air cooler uses a standard USB cord. Plug the cable on the wall socket and short press the start switch on the device to turn it on. It also contains a switch that allows users to regulate the speed of the fan. The fan runs on a medium, low or high mode.

Filling Water into the Tank

It is important to keep the tank full to ensure that the air produced moisturizes. To fill the tank, one should first unplug the device from the wall socket. Open up the screws at the top to remove the lid. Fill the tank with water and put the tank back to its position. Ensure that it aligns to the right-hand side of the device.

When draining the water in the fan, open the fan cover to remove the water curtain. Tilt the device and drain the water from the bottom.


Main Benefits of the Breeze Maxx Technology

It Contains a Small Water Reservoir

The water reservoir used by Breeze Maxx is located on the side of the device, unlike other humidifiers where it is on the inside. It makes it easy to use and fill up once the water gets depleted. It has a capacity of 380ml which can last for long hours. The period in which the water lasts depends primarily on the frequency of use and the airflow mode selected.

It has a 4 in 1 Compact Design.

The design of the device is compact, making it appealing. It allows it to be placed in any position without worrying whether it will fall. The device performs four different functions at a go. It cools the air, adds moisture to the air, filters the air, and blows it around the room. The device saves you the cost of buying a humidifier, air purifier, fan, and conditioner since it performs all those functions.

It is Portable

The device is highly portable. One can move it from one room to another with much ease. It’s small in size hence one can also carry it to a hotel room. It is approximated to weigh about 800g.

It is Durable

The device’s fan system is coated with PolarTec material and is highly preferred due to its durability and easy care. It also frees the air from toxins such as perfluorooctane sulfonates, which are toxic.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use the Breeze Maxx cooling device without any special technical skills. The device comes with a simple guide to help you set up and operate it. Once you purchase the device, plug the cord into the socket and switch it on. It starts working immediately, and one can regulate the airflow by setting one of the three fan speed options.

It Eliminates Contaminants from the Air

It contains a filter that traps dust and other contaminants. It makes it best for people suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Easy to keep track

The water tank has a small light that illuminates the water tank. It makes it easy to monitor even at night while sleeping or used as a nice nightlight.

It is Cheaper

Unlike other conventional air conditioning systems, Breeze Maxx does not require any installation procedures. Therefore, you will not incur any installation costs or maintenance costs. It also consumes very little electricity. It only requires an input of 5 volts to run. It will not add much to your monthly electricity bills compared to when using conventional systems.

It is Noise-free

The device does not produce any noise when running. You can use it while studying, reading, watching a movie, or even while sleeping.

How Safe Is Breeze Maxx

The manufacturers of the device claim that it is safe to use. Below are some of the precautionary features to ensure that it is safe to use:

  • Place the device away from fire or in areas where children play
  • Use a standard USB charger
  • Clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust in the inner parts of the system and ensure that it produces clean air.
  • When doing the cleaning, unplug the device from electricity

Where to Purchase Breeze Maxx Cooling Device

Breeze Maxx is available on the official online store. Purchasing it at the official store allows you to enjoy a three-year warranty. It allows you to return the device in case of any defects such as scratches, dents, and internal damages. There is also a variety of price offers once you buy more than one unit of Breeze Maxx. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 Breeze Maxx for $89.99 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 2 Breeze Maxx units for a total of $170.98 ($85.49 per unit) + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Breeze Maxx fans at $242.97 in total ($80.00 per fan) + $9.95 Shipping
  • 4 Breeze Maxx units for $305.97 (at only $76.49 per unit) + $9.95 Shipping
  • 5 Breeze Maxx devices for $359.96 (so, $71.99 per device) + $9.95 Shipping

The business selling Breeze Maxx is based in Union, New Jersey. You can get in touch with them via:

  • Phone: 1-877-821-0177
  • Email: support@breezemaxx.com
  • Mailing Address: 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083

Breeze Maxx Bottom Line

Breeze Maxx is an effective air cooling device. It also works as a humidifier, purifier, and fan. It is easy to state that it is the most suitable cooling device to purchase for the coming summer. It is well-sized, making it possible to carry from one room to another. It is an easy-to-use device, and anyone can purchase it and does not require any installation procedures.

Make your order today on the official website and enjoy clean and fresh indoor air.

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