Best Bug Zappers – Reviewing Top Mosquito Zapper Light Bulbs

The change in season can bring bugs and insects. These sometimes disturbing creatures can disrupt peace and cause serious health issues. The effective and efficient solution to this problem is a bug zapper.

Bug zappers are a practical and easy to use solution for eliminating insects, mosquitos, moths, and other critters. The bug zappers are easily installable at home or outdoors and are portable to assist protection on the go. It can be used for camping and many other adventures.

The arrival of summer brings a huge variety of bug zappers to the online market. You might feel overwhelmed with the number of options available. We are here to help you make an ideal choice. We tried and tested the internet’s trendiest bug zappers.

After careful testing and studying the operation and performances of different bug zappers, here is the list of the best bug zappers of 2021.

Our Rankings

After hours of deliberating, weighing pros and cons lists, and testing bug zappers, we have curated a list of the best bug zappers available online. Our list displays the specifications and qualities of all the top-rated bug zappers available in 2021.

  • Black + Decker Bug Zapper
  • Buzz B Gone
  • Flowtron BK- 40D
  • Hemiua Bug Zapper
  • Dynatrap DT1050
  • Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper
  • Fuze Bug
  • Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer
  • Moskinator
  • Mosquitron
  • MosQiller
  • 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern
  • MoskiX Band

Black + Decker Bug Zapper


At the top of the list, we have the most recognizable brand Black + Decker Bug Zapper. The brand’s reliability has placed it on the top of many lists. This bug zapper responsibly protects your home and yard from a large variety of pests. The device works on any placement, from the ground to the tabletop. The bugs get destroyed at a buzz.

Black+Decker Bug Zapper uses Ultraviolet light to make for the insect’s food source. It attracts the bugs and traps them in the electric coils. The device makes cleaning simple with its easy-clean collection tray. It is a highly effective and non-toxic solution to eliminate mosquitoes from your living spaces throughout the day. If you are looking for a durable, high-performance bug killer at a good value, then Black+Decker is the best option. It works wonders for 1-acre coverage for your home deck, garden, patio, and camping sites.

Buzz B Gone


Launched in 2020, Buzz B Gone is already the internet’s preferred choice of bug zappers. The product shows promising reviews to back its claims. This on-the-go protection comes in a small yet well-designed body to deliver effective performance. It comes with a handy loop to hang from a tree and also works well on the ground.

Buzz B Gone works using purple LEDs that attract the bugs to the electric coil which zaps them to death. The device comes with a micro-USB for convenient charges to avail of its powerful- functioning. Buzz B Gone is your reliable friend for any outdoor adventures with its efficient cordless working. At a reasonable price of $40, the device has many features like the other bug zappers on the list, making it one of the best buys online today.

Flowtron BK- 40D


The Flowtron BK- 40D is one of the highly reviewed insect killers online. It is one of the bestselling products on Amazon and other retail sites with thousands of positive customer reviews. The maintenance-free operation features UV light and an electrified grid that diminishes numerous annoying insects.

The innovatively designed body supports Flowtron BK to attain efficacious bug zapping capabilities within a 1-acre range. Polycarbonate built this device is a strong contender against the weather and won’t develop any rust or crack. Flowtron BK-40D provides its users with a choice of additional attachments like an extra bulb, a timer, and a mosquito attractant cartridge. The BK-40D serves a dual purpose and acts as security lighting. This highly-powered and sturdiest insect killer is environment friendly and easy on the pockets.

Hemiua Bug Zapper


Hemiua Bug Zapper is the affordable version of Flowtron BK-40D. It provides all the basic features at a cheaper cost. In addition, the tall-built and safe electric grid makes it highly functional and prevents any accidental harm to humans or pets. This product boasts a 4.6-star rating and is currently labeled Amazon’s choice.

Hemiua Bug Zapper has an impressive coverage of 1,500 square feet, making it an ideal choice for large backyards, patios, campgrounds, or indoors. Just place the bug zapper in a central area and forget about those pestering bugs. The 360˚ trap assures complete protection from the annoying insects without disturbing your peace. With Hemiua by your side, you will not have to share your yard with mosquitoes anymore.

Get your hands at the indoor/outdoor protection of Hemiua bug zapper at just $42.99.

Dynatrap DT1050


The Dynatrap DT1050 is a dynamic and high-power option trailing the Flowtron BK-40D. The steel alloy structure makes it one of the most durable insect killers in the market. In addition, it provides a ½ acre range, making your outdoors and indoors completely insect-free with daily usage.

Dynatrap DT1050 specializes in 3-way protection technology. First, the UV bulb creates heat to attract the pests, then the Ti02(titanium dioxide) coated surface creates CO2 to imitate human breathing alluring, the mosquitoes to the unit, where they get drawn into the retaining cage left to die. The complete protection of Dynatrap comes with ultra-quiet functioning. The no-touch cleaning makes life easier with just a twist on the trap. Dynatrap DT1050 can gain power only through standard electricity outlets for its high-powered operation.

Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper


The AnySun Bug Zapper is the first solar-powered device on this list. This solar rechargeable can be left out in the sun to avail high-quality killing function. Anysun serves three different modes in a single unit, the bug zapper mode, the lantern mode with the LED lights, and an SOS mode with a flashlight in case of an emergency.

This simple machine with versatile applications is environment friendly and does not require proximity to any power outlet and covers a ½ acre radius. The lights of AnySun Solar-powered bug zapper are easily adjustable. Anysun provides eight hours of operation from a three-hour charge in the sunlight, making it a piece of essential equipment for every camper in the absence of electricity supply. The lightweight body and waterproof body are perfect for zapping annoying bugs on the go.

Fuze Bug


The Fuze Bug repellent lamp is an effective and safe device that protects the go while also serving as a lamp. Uniquely designed, the Fuze bug passively eliminates the bugs from your living spaces and outdoors. In addition, this device uses purple light technology to attract pests similar to the other devices on the list.

You can go camping or on adventures worry-free with the reliable fuze bug. It provides 20 hours of operation on a single charge. The innovative LED lamp powers up with solar energy making it crucial for outdoor usage. A double-layered electric grid prevents any chances of harm to humans or pets. In addition, the Fuze Bug requires zero to no maintenance or services unlike many other devices on the list.

Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer


The powerful Aspectek Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper exterminates the insects using two UV lightbulbs. This surprisingly affordable insect killer comes with protective shock barriers for the safety of the users and their pets. The unit may not fit in your choice of aesthetics but it assists powerful pest elimination.

Aspectek’s double UV lamps attract the bothering pests into the metal grid and zap them to death dropping, them in the easily removable tray for worry-free cleaning. The device needs simple installation and functions with a high voltage zapping within the metal grids. It comes with a wire chain for hanging and is also placeable on a flat surface. In addition, the unit comes with a set of two replacement bulbs for convenient usage over longer durations. Aspectek electronic insect killer is an affordable, chemical-free, and long-term solution to all your bug problems.



The Moskinator, like its name, uses a unique way of killing those annoying mosquitoes. This innovative device uses fan technology along with conventional UV light. The light attracts the mosquitoes near the unit and the fan functions to suck in the insects that come within the fan’s radius. Once sucked in, mosquitoes fall inside a trap and can not escape with continuous wind from the fans. As a result, the insects get dehydrated and die inside.

The ingenious Moskinator eliminates almost every insect bothering you in your living spaces. This device avails a chemical and toxin-free solution to your bug problems. Despite the small size, Moskinator assists high-quality operations in every single use. In addition, the portability of the device makes it your savior from those blood-sucking mosquitoes anywhere you go. Once turned on, the device provides the ultimate experience of noise-less extermination.



The Mosquitron claims to target mosquitoes over other insects. It functions similar to the Moskinator, using an efficient combination of fan and light technology to entice, trap and kill the mosquitoes. It is one of the smallest devices on the list, making it fit in a wide range of spaces yet, boasts powerful operations. The unit is powered by a USB and is easy to operate.

The Mosquitron is the first device on this list that features intelligent controls. Once you set-it-you-can-forget-it is the best way to describe its operations. This compact and innovative device avails efficacious solutions on the go. The stylish body designs assist with easy cleaning and maintenance. Mosquitron may not be the cheapest option on the list but its efficiency makes the purchase worth it. You can access heavy discounts on multiple-unit orders making the purchase easily affordable.



The ultra-silent MosQiller is an effective solution to get rid of mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, and drains flies. The device functions using a bright light to attract, trap, kill and dehydrate those irritating insects. It may not have the good looks but, MosQiller is an efficient bug killer. The extermination of mosquitoes is processed effortlessly without making any noise.

The MosQiller is a non-toxic and harmless device that does not use any hazardous chemicals or smelly scents. MosQiller’s area of coverage is 430 square feet making it suitable for small surroundings. This portable and lightweight killer unit is your perfect companion on the go. Body design assists in easy cleaning and maintenance. MosQiller is priced moderately based on its reliability. The purchase of multiple units drops the individual prices to as low as $45, making the device ideal for users who need several zappers for home installation.

1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern


The 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern is a 180-lumen LED camping lamp that lights up the area and successfully attracts mosquitoes. Its compact design makes it a suitable option for smaller spaces and backyards. The sturdy design makes the device shockproof and durable, with a 2000 mAh battery and lasting 20 hours in lantern mode and 30 hours life in Zapper mode in a single charge.

1TAC zapper is one of the most affordable bug zappers available online today. This device features high-quality ultraviolet light, unlike other cheaper alternatives that use a fake blue or purple LED light. 1TAC’s electric coil zap all the flying insects that get caught. You can hang this bright orange device outdoors. The body is waterproof to weather all extreme conditions. The unit avails three different lantern modes, low, medium, and high, for the user’s convenience. One-click, and mosquitoes are gone.

The powerful and super affordable 1TAC zapper mosquito zapper lantern can be yours for just $30.

MoskiX Band


The MoskiX Band is very different from all the other devices on the list. It has a unique mosquito zapping system. The MoskiX band is a smartwatch developed to repel mosquitoes wherever you go. Sold by eCommerce Company Hypertech, this smartwatch allows you to go on runs or walks without worrying about mosquito bites. MoskiX band assists as a mosquito repellant without having to use any greasy creams or sprays.

The MoskiX may seem on the costlier side of our list of best bug zappers. However, in technical terms, the MoskiX band is not a bug zapper but an insect repellant system. Innovatively built using modern technology and wireless frequencies and effectively turn away the annoying mosquitoes. This smart band is an ideal option to keep you safe all summer long. Some users may also find it helpful to pair this band with any other product on the list to increase the effectiveness and maintain a healthy and interruption-free life.

Our Ranking Process

Every single brand in the market claims to provide effective results. They all claim to kill bugs, but only the best lives up to the claims they make. Unfortunately, few bug zappers are too small to cover an area larger than a small room. Some devices will not even last for a few weeks and break down.

To learn more about each Bug Zapper listed on this post, be sure to visit the brand official website for more information.

We carefully tested each of the bug zappers listed above to verify their operations. Carefully tried indoors and outdoors, we ranked the best bug zappers based on the following factors:

Bug Attraction Rating:

The attraction point of bug zappers is the light sources used. The light resembles a food source to the insect thus, drawing them towards it. Some devices use cheap purple or blue LED lights that perform poorly. Meanwhile, other bug zappers use ultraviolet light that is not visible. We tried and tested each bug zapper during summers in the southeastern United States to verify if it attracted, zapped, and killed bugs effectively. The bug-killing efficiency of the bug zappers weighs higher on our list to provide you with effective buying options.

Coverage Area:

Every bug zapper serves a different range of coverage depending on the size and efficiency. For example, many bug zappers can sufficiently serve only an area limited to a dorm room. In contrast, other bug zappers provide coverage large enough to cover a large backyard or spaces up to ½ acres. More coverage means better performance. Even the smaller spaces use high-powered devices for increased insect-killing capacity. Depending on the need, you can opt for a device providing powerful performance.

Ease of Cleaning:

Cleaning these critical devices can be a tough job. Nobody likes to spend hours just scraping off dead bugs from the electric coils. Some bug zappers avail easy cleaning by providing a brush. Other zappers skip the concept of electric coil completely to avoid any cleaning complexity. Instead, these devices use wind tunnel systems that collect the trapped mosquitoes and dehydrate them. Without being biased toward either of the technology, we preferred bug zappers that were easy to clean.

Battery or Power Supply:

Different bug zappers have different battery life. Some devices last just for a few hours per charging making them an unsuitable choice for outdoor use. Other devices work efficiently for 10 to 20 hours making them ideal for extended outdoor stays. The bug zappers are charged using solar power or from an electrical outlet. Therefore, we give importance to battery and power supply in our ranking order.

Safety Features:

Most bug zappers come with extra safety features that prevent harm to humans or pets. Some devices ensure safety by providing a dual-layer grid. This makes the device effective by killing the bugs when they contact the second layer of the coil. Few of the bug zappers come with a tip-over shut-off system and other features to ensure safety and prevent any future injury.


Bug zappers are convenient for both indoor and outdoor uses. Users prefer carrying their devices while camping and many other adventures. Therefore, durability is a very crucial factor. Some bug zappers have a stainless-steel body, whereas others use cheap plastic and inferior quality bulbs that hardly last for a few weeks. We preferred bug zappers with good-quality, durable parts.


Some bug zappers come with too bright lights to use comfortably in a dark area. This generally is the issue with cheap purple and blue LED lights disrupting the comfort and ambiance of your living space. An ideal bug zapper is the one with discreet lighting, bars, and grids to provide extra protection to your vision. Therefore, discretion was considered a secondary factor in the rankings.

Price and Value:

Our list consists of many options within a price range of $10 to $150. We have tested and enlisted bug zappers from the cheaper end devices to the high-end zappers. We have emphasized good value with efficient performance to avail you of the best value for every dollar you spend.

Who Should Use a Bug Zapper?

Bugs are those uninvited creatures that announce their presence anytime, anywhere. The presence of bugs can be annoying, threatening, and unsanitary. Bug zappers can come in handy on various such occasions. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, these devices can be used to get rid of fruit flies, drain flies, and other insects.

Bug Zappers are ideal for the following:

  • Campers and hikers
  • An adventurous person who enjoys the outdoors.
  • Someone with frequent bug problem at home or workspace
  • People trying to avoid sprays, toxins, or other insect-killing solutions
  • Anyone concerned about their family’s safety.

The evolving technology and innovations have made the solution to bug problems easily accessible and affordable. These devices include smart features like UV lights and fans. As a result, you can avail the benefits of a bug zapper for under $100.

How Does a Bug Zapper work?

Bug zappers work using the following combination of two systems:

  • A purple, blue, or UV light to attract bugs towards the device
  • An electric coil or fan-based system to kill the bugs

The light in a bug zapper imitates a food source to the bugs. When the bugs see the light in the ultraviolet spectrum, they confuse it with living creatures and get attracted to the light. However, when it reaches the range of the zappers, it gets trapped and gets zapped to death.

Some users prefer to add bait to the bug zapper to optimize its performance. One such bait is Octenol, a mosquito attractant liquid that mimics human scent. It’s easily accessible and attracts a larger quantity of mosquitoes. People are also known to add cat food, tuna, or other pungent-smelling food to the bug zappers to increase their operational performance.

While other bug zappers use wind or fan technology to kill the insects, the fans located in the devices suck in the nearby flying bugs with the suction created by the winds. The winds are too powerful for the bugs to escape the wind tunnel. Thus, this technology avails hassle-free elimination of flying insects.

General observation shows the use of electric coils or grids in high-powered bug zappers.

Scientific Evidence for Bug Zappers

Most bug zapper companies do not invest in clinical trials to verify the performance of its product. However, many other bug zapper companies get backing from years of scientific evidence to trap and kill the flying insects.

In a 2017 study, The researchers used pulsated light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to attract and kill mosquitoes. By using the lights, researchers were able to reduce power consumption by 26% to 40%. In addition, mosquitoes were more attracted to pulsating lights: researchers trapped 250% more mosquitoes with pulsating lights than standard LEDs.

Similarly, another study in 2019 found that ultraviolet insect light traps were effective for mosquito control when installed in coastal areas of a mosquito-prone region of Thailand. Researchers used UV light traps for one month, finding the UV traps were significantly more effective than other mosquito control methods.

Every night, the UV light traps an average of 41 mosquitoes. Based on this research, researchers found UV light traps to be an efficient and escape-free mosquito control method in coastal areas of Thailand. Ultraviolet light is a type of radiation that is proven safe for human exposure.

Do you ever wonder why the bug zappers work more efficiently during a specific time of the day? A recent study suggests that the day and night-biting mosquitoes react differently to the colors of the light. The presence of mosquitoes may seem annoying but it is also a matter of concern for human health.

Diseases spread by mosquitoes kill thousands of people every year. The Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria are all common diseases spread by mosquitoes. Depending on the region you live in, the risks vary. There are multiple scientific and research backings for the usage of UV lights for attracting, trapping, and killing various flying insects like gnats, flies, and mosquitoes.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a bug zapper?

Any device that aids electrical sources to zap all flying insects like gnats and mosquitoes is known as a bug zapper. Also referred to as insect-killing systems, bug zappers aid in the elimination of the pestering bugs.

2) How do bug zappers work?

The commonly used combination is of light and an electrical coil in the bug zappers. The lights in the device attract insects towards it. Once the insect is inside the coils, they get trapped and killed inside it. It works because the light imitates a mosquito’s food source.

3) How to clean a bug zapper?

Cleaning any device can be hectic. Some innovative bug zappers have a self-cleaning feature, whereas other zappers come with a brush for easy cleaning and a few come with a removable tray or containers which collect the dead bugs.

4) Why are bug zappers better than spray or repellent?

Insect repellents and sprays are some of the insect-killing solutions other than bug zappers. They can provide effective results but have their downfalls. People avoid using sprays and insect repellents, due to the presence of toxic substances and chemicals which can affect human health and can be fatal. Bug zappers are efficient in killing insects. These devices are chemical-free and do not cause any harm to humans or the environment.

5) How much area does a bug zapper cover?

Every bug zapper is built differently and serves different levels of efficiency. As a result, the range of coverage of bug zappers varies from device to device. Small bug zappers cover the area of a small room. Some bug zappers avail a coverage range of around 1,500 square feet. Other highly efficient devices cover a half-acre area ideal for usage in larger backyards and outdoors.

6) What is the best bug zapper available?

Our list above mentions some of the best bug zappers available. Any unit from the top of our list is recommended as ideal. Units like the Black+Decker bug zapper works exactly as it claims and has gained tons of positive reviews.

7) Why do mosquitoes fly towards light sources?

Scientific evidence shows that UV lights attract mosquitoes and other flying insects by imitating them as the insect’s food source. It is because the emission of UV lights from humans feels similar to the insects. When the insects fly towards the food source, the device traps them inside and dehydrates them to death. Some bug zappers avail additional tools like an octanol attractant cartridge for increased effectiveness.

8)Does a bug zapper pose any threat to the pets?

Although the electric coils in the bug zappers look scary and dangerous, the devices come with an extra safety layer to prevent any unintentional zapping to humans and pets at home. Unlike the sprays and insect repellents

bug zappers do not contain any toxic substances thus, ensuring the safety of the users.

9)Is a 2000 V or 5000 V bug zapper dangerous?

Bug zappers use different ranges of voltage to zap the bugs. Some high-end bug zappers have 2000V or 5000V electric grids for exterminating insects. It may sound scary but is proven safe as even though the voltage is high, the current is low. The shock is unlikely to harm anyone. Most bug zappers avail safety features like a dual-layer designed to prevent any harm.

10) How to attract more mosquitoes to your bug zappers?

Some people prefer adding octanol dipped pads to the bug zapper to attract mosquitos. Octenol mimics humane sweat and attracts the mosquitoes, and gets caught in the electric coils. Adding extra attractions boost the effectiveness of the devices.


The presence of annoying bugs is a universal problem. A good bug zapper can be an effective solution to help you get rid of these pestering insects. Bug zappers are devices that use a combination of electric coils, fans, and UV lights to kill the bugs from and around your property. An effective bug zapper helps eliminate flying insects in a few minutes and provides you with hours of protection.

Not every bug zapper is made equal. Many bug zappers use cheap light that won’t work as they claim. Some bug zappers use science-backed wavelengths and different ranges of radiations, while others use electric coils. Fan system bug zappers are trending and evolving with technology.

Check out our list of best-rated bug zappers to enjoy complete all-day protection in your home, backyard, or wherever you go.

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