Best Air Purifiers That Work – Top Brand Products

As you tidy the house and take pride in your achievement, you take a deep breath unknowingly. Does the air feel stale? It is impossible to know, which we usually overlook.

Many of us like to believe that dusting the room means clean air. However, the indoor air quality can deteriorate over time when mold spores, toxins, allergens, pet dander, etc., gather.

Fortunately, we have air purifiers to work wonders and improve the general air quality as you busy yourself with other chores. This article focuses mainly on the best air purifiers that work wonders in 2022.

Small rooms or spaces tend to have double the amounts of air pollutants than outdoor air, whether we like to believe it. It is better to take action immediately and get something that offers quiet operation.

The Best Air Purifiers That Work Wonders in 2022

Ranking air purifiers to beat air pollution indoors is not an easy task. We stayed up late and researched hundreds of products for pure air quality at home.

You and your family deserve to breathe easier and better without worsening asthmatic illness and other conditions.

Besides, having dust mites and a pet increases the chance of breathing problems faster in children and the elderly.

This review section is divided into three categories: the best air purifiers, passive air purifiers/deodorizers, and other products to help with healthy breathing.

The list reviews from expensive air purifiers to the least costly air purifiers according to their operative quality. Each product occupies a collective feature that can work great in your favor.

  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Purifair Air Purifier
  • Proton Pure Air Purifier
  • Blaux In-Home
  • Air Protect Pro
  • DivineAir Dehumidifier
  • Ion Pure Air Purifier
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • Air Cleaner
  • Air Cleaner Pro
  • CleanAir S
  • Air Purifier X
  • Safe Air X
  • PureAir Max
  • AirJoi Air Purifier
  • Hale Breathing
  • The Breather
  • FEND Nasal Mist
  • AirPhysio
  • LifeVac

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


This air cleaner is one of the best devices that can filter various toxins by 0.3 microns or smaller.

It is highly effective due to the negative ion engineering that attracts the particles of positive charge. This method can remove the harmful contaminants floating in the air immediately after being switched on.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner comes with an activated carbon filter too. It makes the unit extra powerful in terms of the filtration system.

The device has a small frame, allowing you to place it on a nightstand, desk, or other surfaces at home. Plus, it offers a quiet operation you can hardly notice without listening carefully.

Purifair Air Purifier

Who knew you could obtain the best air purifier at such a reasonable price? It is possible if you opt for Purifair.

You may doubt its potential due to the compact design, which is perfect for small spaces. The device is surprisingly effective and fast right after pressing a button.

And there is no hassle of filter replacement since it uses negative ion technology. Just like the previous product, Purifair releases negative ions to attach to the positively charged particles in the air.

The point is that most contaminants or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are positively charged, thus using negative ions.

Once the particles are attached, they fall to the ground with no power to harm anyone. This is why many medical environments avail the technology these days.

It is small and budget-friendly to keep in bedrooms, office rooms, etc., small spaces.

Proton Pure Air Purifier


If you go over products based on price, Proton Pure is the only expensive air purifier throughout the rankings. Thankfully, it lives up to the money you invest using the 3-stage purifying technique. The process removes approximately 99.7% of indoor air contaminants!

The pre-filter is mechanical, which catches the larger particles. Then the second stage utilizes a True HEPA filter that is the source of eliminating all air pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns. Finally, an activated carbon filter removes unpleasant odors, smoke, chlorine, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

When you combine the operation of these three filters, your home achieves an elevated clean air delivery rate.

Each Proton Pure can cover 350 sq. ft. of area, ideally the size of large or small rooms in a house.

Blaux In-Home


The air purifier by Blaux In-Home is slightly different from the rest and does not even cost much.

It comprises a charcoal filter pod that is replaceable and a cleaner that uses ionizing particles for you to breathe fresh air.

Moreover, the addition of a scented deodorizer keeps the indoor environment hygienic and fragrant.

The small air purifier has three fan speeds and the complimentary night light feature positioned at the base.

Despite its compact structure, the Blaux In-Home works instantly after placing one of the replacement filters (activated charcoal). With the proven filtration system, the extraordinary functionality sets to clear pollen, smoke, allergens, dust, etc.

Air Protect Pro


The specialty of Air Protect Pro is the featured air quality monitor. It allows active detection of real-time air quality using three levels.

It means you can see how much dirty or unhealthy air is in the room or house.

The device claims to have coverage of around 215 sq. ft. – roughly the size of a small living room.

Just use the button to animate it and feel the improvement with every breath. The brand ensures 99.7% of pollutant filtration.

DivineAir Dehumidifier


The name can confuse a few readers but let us assure you it is an air purifier with dehumidifying features.

The DivineAir Dehumidifier portable device is highly regarded in humid environments where small indoor spaces accumulate the most heat. People can suffer suffocation and uneasiness due to the raised temperature, especially during hot seasons.

Plus, the air pollutants in the urban areas usually gather in such rooms and build up over time.

DivineAir is another best air purifier plus a dehumidifier that allows 360-degree operation at the touch of a button. It also has PTC drying/heating and moisture-absorbing silica particles (non-consumable).

The device can cover about 250 sq. ft. of the area to remove overly humid particles, leaving our place cool and relaxing.

Ion Pure Air Purifier


Ion Pure Air Purifier has the structure of a portable hard drive, making it unique among the rest of the purification system.

The unit requires plugging into an electrical outlet for a steady operation without adjusting anything.

Even though it uses electricity, it creates zero pollution, consuming minimum energy at best. The shock-resistant ABS casing delivers sturdiness.

So how does it generate clean air? Once again, the negative ion technology saves the day by attacking the positively charged air pollutants.

You can purchase several of the units at a discounted cost if you like and place them throughout the house to experience cleansed air.

Ioner Air Purifier


What if you want a portable air purifier that cleanses air wherever you are? The exceptional feature of the Ioner Air Purifier is that you can wear it instead of plugging it in any outlet or placing it on a surface.

The unique perk of this portable cleaner is that you can wear it around your neck and allow only fresh air to enter your lungs.

Think of it as an on-the-go device to eliminate viruses, bacteria, odors, allergens, etc., around you before breathing in the air.

It can last up to 48 hours right after recharging it fully. Plus, the handheld air purifier is quiet, lightweight, and super simple to use daily.

Air Cleaner


This best air purifier protects you from air contaminants and guards you against dryness.

In short, the device adds humidity to the small rooms to reduce cracked lips, flaky skin, or scratchy throat. We experience these issues when the climate is dry, but the summer heat forces us to keep the air conditioning on.

Consequently, our sensitive skin cannot handle the dryness in the air and begins to show signs of various skin problems.

Air Cleaner is a compact and dual-functioning purifier that can solve this matter within minutes. Besides, it recharges just like a smartphone does – with the help of a USB port. So you can use it wherever the port is and take it to go!

Air Cleaner Pro


Air Cleaner Pro is a smart air purifier that uses negative ionizing technology to eliminate particulate matter in the air.

The device also offers a UV sterilizer to kill bacteria that form odors. Of course, it releases the compound in a harmless amount.

As a result, your family can breathe in the clean air that has minimal harmful microorganisms to latch into the lungs after inhaling.

The unit is portable and provides multiple features. It also has a pre-filter and a HEPA filter alongside the 6-stage purification process. The fan speed includes eight modes, allowing you to be stress-free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Lastly, the device comprises a humidifier! You can easily set it up in a room and let the machine do the hard work of eliminating air pollutants as the family stays healthy.

CleanAir S


The CleanAir S is the right pick for you if you want the best air purifier that is also small and uses high-end filters to remove toxins, allergens, pollutants, etc.

Think of the unit as a multitasker. It purifies the air using the H13 True Hepa Filter; it uses the negative ionizing method to attach to the positively charged particulate matter and works as a disinfector due to the nano carbon filter.

The device is a trouble-free model ideal for small rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, office space, etc.

It operates quietly with just a single press of a button. However, you will need a power outlet for it to turn on. The good news is that CleanAir S hardly consumes much energy.

Air Purifier X


Once again, Air Purifier X is the best air purifier on the list, with numerous facilities.

It acquires a different design that emphasizes sensory details. The device consists of an air quality monitor that displays the clean air delivery rate, a VOC sensor (Volatile Organic Compounds) that offers a 95.19% removal rate, and a washable primary filter.

Additionally, the device includes an H13 HEPA filter and covers up to 517 sq. ft. of space. The only drawback it has is the noise level which is 64dB. However, the sleep mode can lower the noise.

According to the brand, the device can eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, various pollutants, etc., efficiently.

Safe Air X


Nowadays, calculated social gatherings are becoming more regular. However, we still need that assurance of safety when invited to a house or inviting others.

While it is not an air purifier, it is the next best thing to carry for determining the air quality rate.

For example, suppose you have invited your family and friends to your place. You can plug the device into an electrical outlet and let the unique sensory technology detect contaminants in the air.

It offers a monitor that shows clean air delivery rate, temperature, particulate matter (PPM), humidity, etc., in a single device. The small Safe Air X will also notify you of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels.

You can ventilate the house when the device alerts you of an increased level of any compound.

If you cannot purchase a cleaner now, obtaining this device can help track the air’s cleanliness.

The Best Deodorizers & Passive Air Purifiers

Sometimes you cannot simply drag an air purifier out and hope for it to work while on the go without electricity.

There are a few alternatives to such actions. And this requires no fussing with carrying a bulky device in the bag.

This is when we rely on deodorizers or passive air purifiers. The perks of these products are that you can keep them anywhere, and are budget-friendly!

PureAir Max


It is merely a bag but is that all? No, the pack contains activated carbon or charcoal that has the power to attack the toxins invisible in the air.

The charcoal shape plays a significant role in latching onto these pollutants without the use of electricity or batteries. Hence, an activated carbon filter is often utilized in an air purifier to grab onto those stubborn impurities.

It works similarly with the PureAir Max activated bamboo charcoal bag. The passive guarding to prevent toxic accumulation and odors keeps your laundry, bags, sofas, etc., afresh.

Of course, it has no scent and is chemical-free to liven up your home effectively.

AirJoi Air Purifier


The AirJoi Air Purifier offers the resembling features of the previous product. This passive air purifier comes with activated carbon or bamboo charcoal, the natural remedy to fight against toxicity and odors.

It is also the least expensive air purifier to keep in a bag, car, room, or anywhere that needs air cleansing. People usually purchase several units to place throughout the house.

Since the bag works to prevent mold, moisture, or bacteria buildup alongside removing bad smells, it is better than relying on baking soda.

And what do you do when the bag no longer purifies the air? Simply leave it under direct sunlight for the charcoal to naturally recharge. The brand recommends repeating this process for an hour each month.

The Best Other Air Cleaner Products

The level of the toxic indoor environment is so elevated nowadays that we often find ourselves at the precipice of breathing hard after a mere activity.

In that case, you might suffer from breathing problems, especially if you show low energy and endurance. Being out of breath once in a while is normal, but experiencing it all the time can indicate complex health issues.

This section ranks the products that can assist you in breathing better. The items here work to strengthen the respiratory system.

Hale Breathing


Do you know how we use contact lenses for the eyes to replace the glasses? Hale Breathing is a similar device that we use for our noses.

It is a simple technique backed by science and doctors to improve breathing capability.

So who should find it helpful? While some suffer from sinus issues, some people simply have narrow or tiny nasal passageways. It makes breathing in and out a little complicated, especially when sleeping. The matter leads to loud snoring at night as well.

All you have to do is fit it in your nose and leave it there for the day/night. The device expands the passageways, allowing you to breathe fully without suffering.

The Breather


Just like physical therapy, hospitals also have to deal with breathing training. There is a device into which you breathe hard and try to lift the plastic balls.

The Breather uses a similar action but in a portable manner. You put the device between your lips and breathe into it a few times. Repeat it as long as you can with short intervals.

You can practice anywhere anytime to build resistance against a weak breathing system. The best part of the device is that you can easily adjust the intensity level.

The higher the resistance, the greater the workout will be. So far, it has sold 1.5 million units and received positive customer feedback. Even pulmonologists and doctors recommend it for those with weak respiratory muscles.

FEND Nasal Mist


Our next nomination is for a spray mist that many doctors have suggested and backed by science on many occasions.

Think of the mist as an air filter in your nose that prevents pathogens, allergens, and carcinogens from reaching your lungs for six hours. The German-made product is 99% effective and safe to use.

Furthermore, its effect maximizes the filtering process if you spray FEND Nasal Mist on your face. The medicinal particles travel to the throat and the nasal passageways to build up better protection against pollutants.



Do you have asthma, COPD, or chronic bronchitis? AirPhysio not only helped these ailments but also assisted people with bronchiectasis, atelectasis, emphysema, and other respiratory conditions.

It improves the lungs’ hygiene by maintaining them as effectively as possible. The device uses OPEP power (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) to enhance your breathing capability naturally.

It loosens the mucus at airway walls as you exhale into the AirPhysio. The lungs experience positive pressure, which in turn minimizes mucus traffic.

Although it is not an air purifier with a high-grade HEPA filter, it can still work exceptionally to improve asthma symptoms. It is also a recommendation for many people suffering daily from breathing issues by doctors worldwide.



LifeVac is a uniquely devised kit that can save many lives during choking emergencies. While it is not a relevant product to air purifiers, it still poses significant value in protecting life when necessary.

According to the official webpage, over 40 countries ordered this product, selling more than 100,000 to date. We all know choking on something can happen anywhere and to anyone.

Any adult or a child is susceptible to this hazard, and it happens so fast the people around find it challenging to act immediately.

Besides, every second counts, even as you call the emergency line. However, if you keep LifeVac in your place, you are always prepared for the cause.

So how does it work? It includes a one way valve with a mask. You attach the valve to the mask and place the device over the mouth, ensuring the nose is also covered.

This creates a seal. Now press the valve and pull back within seconds to suck out the object or food blocking the airway. Then tilt the face and body to one side so that the person can breathe better.

The device comes in two kit types – home and travel. Both kits offer an easy instruction guide, a LifeVac suction device, an adult mask, and a child mask.

There is an additional practice mask included in the home kit. So far, LifeVac has saved about 246 lives!

Our Ranking Method for the Right Air Purifier

As you can see, it is difficult to ascertain the best air purifier just by looking at the image. However, indoor air quality needs to improve while eliminating airborne contaminants.

Instead of looking at the price, which varies significantly at times, we decided to rely on some factors given below:

Transparent Advertising Content

If only claiming 99.99% effectiveness of a product were this simple. However, justification without useful facts can lead to non-impacting air purification.

While some deliver honest clarifications after many tests and trials, other air purifiers have web pages that over qualify the features.

We avoided them as squarely as possible.

Science-Backed Technology

Instead, we followed the aspects of technologies backed by science and research. Not all air purifiers work as the given manual. As an outcome, we end up wasting money on unreliable air purifiers.

On the contrary, technological terms and functions in an air purifier deliver a high-end clean air delivery rate.

So, we looked into the products that consist of a negative ion filter, carbon filter (CADR), ozone filters, or other filtration systems that are realistic and used widely.

Real-World Air Purifier Performance

Excellent performance is key to acknowledging the right air purifier that cleanses air particles.

After simulating many air purifiers in natural environments, we decided to filter the indoor air pollutants based on the air quality.

We have also ensured no residue or unusual odor remains in the aftermath. Those that had no impact whatsoever were eliminated from the list.

Capability to Target Various Airborne Particles

Here, airborne particles can mean many things at once. Some rooms are heavy with pet dander, while others may be high in smog or allergens.

We picked air purifiers aimed at multiple contaminants like particulate matter, pollen, germs, toxins, etc., for optimal effectiveness.

Easy Function

Our target was toward the convenience of the air purifiers as well. While the focal point is on clean air quality, we decided to opt for designs that offer ease of use.

Power Source, Charging Capacity, & Battery Duration

Air purifiers have battery life varied according to different brands. Some can deliver 10+ hours of operation with a single charge; other air purifiers might require constant recharging.

Even though we were not enthusiastic about those that need a continual power source, we were unbiased regarding this feature and concentrated on how each product can improve air quality.

Noise Level

Is it noisy despite the effective fresh air discharge? Noise is also a factor we keep in mind.

Therefore, we tried to present you with air purifiers that efficiently offer quiet operation. Our preference lies with customizable speed levels; for instance, some air purifiers can make the air cleaner in sleep/night mode or come with three fan speeds.

Air Purifier Upkeep and Durability

How long does an air purifier last? Is the quality long-enduring, or does it break down within a few months? Also, is the filter replacement constant or rare?

Or does it have a self-cleaning function to last for years? We weighed these questions to cover the durability and maintenance necessary to rank the items.

Area Coverage

Deciding to purchase an air purifier requires the area square footage of the room. This is how one should get the product to have an effective clean air delivery rate.

The machine can work well only if the brand advertises genuine area coverage. It is because some are ideal for small rooms while others work for an entire apartment or bigger spaces.

We maintained the rankings by the area coverage openness as well.

Real-World Experience & Rating

Customer reviews on real-life experiences are crucial to brand image and future buyers. We considered these opinions since people live in regions with varied humidity, particulate matter grade, etc.

We aimed to cross-check these reviews with our tested products used in the natural environment, then list them in the article.

Almost all the mentioned air purifiers here are backed by hundreds and thousands of positive feedback and five stars.

Additional Features

We also considered the complementary features added to the single-functioning air purifiers.

For instance, some offer night lights; others come with handles to carry easily. These options expand possibilities.

Of course, a high-end air filtration system comes foremost. We just thought the added features would enhance the ranking.

Refund or Moneyback Guarantee

It would be inconsiderate of the company if it fails to offer a refund policy or moneyback guarantee.

The positive outlook is that most brands/companies offer this guarantee when a customer is dissatisfied with the product.

We chose air purifiers that have a flexible and honest satisfaction guarantee for an easy refund of the purchase.

Appealing Design/Appearance

Not all air purifiers have an aesthetic or futuristic design. Some have a flat style that strikes odd in the room.

While this factor is not vital, we still applied it to the product design and outlook to complement the machine.

Is an Air Purifier Necessary?

If the decision between getting the best air purifier and living without one bothers you a lot, this section might help change your perspective:


When wildfires occur, what do you suppose is affected the most? The air quality is tainted so terribly that it can last for days without a change.

And people living in the area or near the incident breathe this toxic air without knowing its effect on the respiratory system. Often the outcome takes time to build up. Still, the damaging impact can be severe for children who may grow up with chronic illness.

If your region often faces wildfires, an air purifier can help your family breathe clean air indoors.


Urban areas have more pollution than the country. All the factory smoke, vehicle smog, pet dander, airborne viruses, etc., eventually settles inside the apartment/house.

And it also affects the human body over the years; some endure long-lasting respiratory illnesses while others may face recurring breathing issues.

Air purifiers in rooms will provide fresh and clean air, minimizing the risk of such conditions.

Children with Asthma

Purified air makes a huge difference for asthmatic children. Since polluted air makes breathing difficult, this single device can bring forth the best air quality to downplay having asthma in the first place.

Businesses with Small Spaces

Suppose you run an indoor restaurant with small rooms. While it is neat and meets all the standards, the air can get stuffy at some point.

An air purifier can improve air quality which is advantageous for staff members and customers.

Beneficial Points of Owning a Good Air Purifier

Do you still doubt the air purifier and its abilities? You must be thinking of complicating the current health issue.

We had similar thoughts running through our minds too. However, going over the following benefits remarked by thousands of customers and many science-backed facts have changed our perception:

Relieves Asthma Symptoms

Many of us have asthma nowadays. Who is to blame? Although it can be genetic, we point our fingers at the increasing air pollution in most cases.

Having asthma indicates that the bronchial tubes are inflamed. Airborne contaminants like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, etc., irritate the tubes more. The person then finds it hard to breathe at an average rate.

Only cleaners can eliminate these symptoms through their advanced filtration system to remove the irritants.

Reduces Air Pollution

As mentioned earlier, city lives face more pollution than the country folks. There are vehicles with smog, more factories with smoke, more construction sites in every neighborhood or office area, etc.

Investing in a quality air purifier can help you breathe easier and cleaner despite multiple air pollutants in the urban environment.

Eliminates Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know indoor places contain double the toxic air than outdoors? Simply cracking a window open is not the solution anymore.

Over the weeks or years, the house environment can develop nitrogen dioxide or carbon monoxide particulate matter.

Studies tell that the latter can negatively affect your health over the years, whereas the former is risky enough to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Having air purifiers means eliminating these potential aftereffects to catch up to you many years later.

Minimizes Airborne Virus Spreading

Flu is spread through the air – one single sneeze and the whole family or colleagues may have it only if the indoor air quality is poor.

Many other airborne particles/diseases are spread this way. Since air purifiers utilize HEPA filtration, a breakthrough of technology, the device can decrease the disease spread exponentially.

In a way, air purifiers have become a part of the life-saving component, primarily if a person with a poor immune system resides in the house.

Filters/Removes Carcinogens

What is a carcinogen? It is like a substance/agent or organism that can be natural or manufactured. This compound can cause cancer.

Where do you find it? The natural version often remains in certain viruses or UV rays. It can also be present in vehicles or cigarette smoke.

Now each time an air purifier diminishes this compound from the air, you reduce the risk of cancer. In short, the best air purifiers are reliable when HEPA filters wipe out most of the carcinogens.

Discards Toxins & Harmful Compounds (Asbestos)

Let us familiarize ourselves with Asbestos too, which is hazardous in every way possible. It is a fibrous silicate mineral.

During the 40s and 60s, it was a common means for residential and commercial construction. However, upon learning its danger and risks, people stopped using it altogether. Asbestos causes lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other cancerous diseases that are primarily non-curable.

An air purifier also reduces the hazardous particles of Asbestos.

Some Offer Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers

While obtaining a good air purifier with an impressive filtration system is nice, it can alter the room’s humidity.

Now, does that have an effective outcome for human skins? Let us tell you according to the climate. Say you live in a humid environment. The air purifier can minimize the humidity and decline mold forming while bringing comfort indoors.

Suppose the climate is dry, the source of wrinkles, cracked skin, or dry/scratchy throat. Air purifiers decrease these symptoms by adding humidity to the room.

Eliminates Odors (Pets)

Those who live with pet animals can relate to this section. No matter how well you wash and clean the house, there is always a hint of the animal odor.

This is because the air particles with odor still exist inside, causing poor indoor air quality.

Any air purifier or air filter with science-backed technology is known to remove stubborn and unpleasant smells.

Relief From Seasonal Allergies

While spring is one of the magical times for all, some find it the most irritating season due to allergens.

How can you enjoy gathering if your eyes run or skin itches, triggering allergic symptoms?

Some face this issue in other seasons as well. Fall, winter, summer, or spring, air purifiers can protect you from allergies all year long.

Extended HVAC Filter Life

Since the HEPA filters or other types of air purifiers control the air quality to deliver clean air, the ACs and furnace systems have lesser strain too.

Appliances with HVAC filters may attain additional years or months to run, thanks to the work of a particular device.

Less Air Impurities (Dust)

If your house accumulates dust daily, you must be exhausted from the same cleaning routine.

Although dust gathers due to various impure air particulate matter, most are our skin flakes.

Therefore, an air purifier at home can control the dust accumulation rate, relieving you from constant dusting. Even you will be able to notice the significant change.

Pushes Away Pests and Mosquitos

Believe it, air cleaners that use negative ions can repel outdoor pests or mosquitos. That is one more problem to get off your shoulders!

Improves Airflow by Controlling Mold

Mold is both troublesome and harmful, especially for the elderly or children. Even a healthy adult can become sick with a weak immune system if that mold is not maintained.

Besides, molding builds up in contrast for different homes. Some may be due to the low airflow, while others may be because of the consistently high humidity.

Moreover, once it spreads, the cost to restore everything is something many may not even afford. Thankfully, a one-time investment in the best air purifier can lead to air purification by controlling the mold situation indoors.

Prevents Headaches

Sometimes the headache you get right after staying at your home might not be due to noise or stress but a result of airborne pollutants. An air purifier is capable of eliminating such toxins effectively.

Minimizes Stress

Even stressful days can be reduced if you install an air purifier. The better the air quality gets, the lower the stress level becomes.

Based on many studies, indoor air pollutants can be one of the significant sources of stress. And we are mildly aware of how stress/anxiety accompanies high BP, weight gain, and other health-related concerns.

Helps Sleep Better

Further studies show that clean air does not just allow you to breathe well and helps you sleep peacefully.

It is most likely because of a cough or sneezes if you struggle with snores or wake up too often. Sometimes feeling congested can wake you too.

An air purifier promotes healthier and fresher air in the room, allowing you to sleep soundly without interruption.

Boosts Human Lifespan

When the best air purifiers eliminate all negativity caused by poor air quality/flow at home, your life expectancy can boost tremendously.

Filtering the contaminated air can prevent early diseases relating to the brain, lungs, hearts, etc.

As a result, you breathe clean air, maintaining a thriving bloodstream.

Air Purifiers: How They Work?

How do these air purifiers work? Do they have a particular method or several?

These products use various ways to remove airborne particles that are hazardous to our health.

Below are the methods in which the mentioned air purifiers in this article operate:

Ozone Filter

This filter is often utilized in commercial places like hotels. Ozone filters generate harmful ozone to kill odor particles in the air. It is one powerful way to eliminate bacteria, smells, or other contaminants.

Now portable air purifiers offer high or low amounts of ozone. High-grade commercial ozone air purifiers require everyone out of the room during the neutralization process. Afterward, the air must be let out before anybody can enter.

On the contrary, a portable air purifier with an ozone filter is simple to operate.

HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is capable of trapping 0.3 microns of pollutants. They are unseeable to human eyes, but a True HEPA filter can capture these contaminants and cleanse the air.

Our ranked list has several air purifiers with HEPA filters since it is remarkably effective and popular.

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filters are also identified as charcoal filters for charcoal use in molecular shape. Using a natural charge, a carbon filter is activated in the air purifier to attract dust or pollutant particles.

Negative Ion Filter

The negative ion filters or negative ionizers form negatively charged particles. Then its job is to attract the positively charged particles. Most air impurities like mold, dust, pet dander, pollens, toxic chemicals, etc., are positive ions (positively charged).

Ultraviolet Light

You may know how hospitals use UV light to cleanse and sanitize various surfaces and tools. An air purifier with UV light, which delivers a particular wavelength, does the same.

This wavelength in UV deactivates the cellular activity level of various contaminants, requiring no air fresheners or other cleansing process.

HEPA Filter in Air Purifiers and Coronavirus

There have been many speculations regarding the Covid-19 virus. Some are ridiculous enough to disregard, while others offer thoughtful considerations.

Nevertheless, how does an air purifier fight against this deadly virus?

Some studies have shown that HEPA air purifiers can indeed capture coronavirus particles. Of course, it is more multifaceted than that.

A coronavirus is about 0.125 micron. Some state that a True HEPA filter cannot filter under 0.3 micron. However, if you read the complete HEPA filter description, it can go below the rate up to 0.01 micron and capture airborne particles with outstanding efficiency.

Studies also show that using the HEPA filtration system does an excellent job of obtaining 99% of viruses into the filters.

On the contrary, it is unclear whether the HEPA filter-based air purifier can capture the virus before you inhale it.

For instance, if the cleaner is at a distance as you sit near a Covid-19 infected person, it is improbable to protect you sufficiently. It can raise questions like how effective this machine is and the exposure level at which the virus will infect.

The CDC highly recommends an air purifier with a True HEPA filter when isolated if the room has a permanent air circulation system.

It is to augment the indoor air quality for inhaling.

The Best Air Purifiers That Work Wonders in 2022 Final Words

According to many research and studies, it is clear that air purifiers are beneficial means of eliminating harmful particles like mold, allergens, smoke, etc., in indoor areas.

Simply pick your favorite from the best air purifiers that work wonders in 2022 and make your home a place to breathe clean air at all times.

Just remember not to leave everything in the hands of the machine. You must know it works best when following the proper house cleaning methods.

Also, while an air purifier can minimize allergic symptoms or help with the poor immune system, it is not a cure but a way to improve air quality indoors.

Therefore, do not stop your medication (if you take any) without consulting your doctor.

We wish you a healthy and content life.