7 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

Everyone has a different definition of what anxiety is and how it feels. For some, their anxiety can be crippling to the point where they cannot do anything at all. Regardless of your situation, CBD oil may be able to offer relief from your symptoms of anxiety. While it’s understandable that people with anxiety might be wary of using CBD oil, the research is promising.

A recent study found that cannabidiol (CBD) could reduce symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder by 40%. CBD can help those who are struggling with this condition to live more comfortably and without fear. For many, CBD oil has been an excellent way of treating anxiety while also improving their quality of life. But how do you know what’s the best CBD oil for you? Read on to know more about the seven best CBD oils to combat anxiety.

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  • A small quantity of TCH.
  • High-quality, safe, and affordable.
  • High reputation in product transparency.

7 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression 2021

  1. CBDfx – Premier CBD
  2. CBDPure – All Natural Pioneer
  3. CBDistillery– Non-GMO
  4. Spruce CBD – Budget Friendly
  5. JoyOrganics
  6. RoyalCBD
  7. Cheef Botanicals

1. CBDfx: Premier CBD



  • Made from organically grown materials.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Third-party tested products.
  • Offers wide-ranging products.
  • Safe and effective.


  • CBDfx provides minimal brand information. Though it is not a huge deal-breaker, brand information helps build credibility.

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CBDfx tinctures are made to be pumped or orally consumed, and they contain a lot more than just CBD. The other ingredients like terpenes, esters, and cannabinoids help provide the full effects of cannabis without being overly psychoactive on your system. Thus, CBDfx CBD oils are an excellent choice for people who want all the benefits but despise the side effects of CBD.

CBDfx provides a range of CBD oil tinctures some products are formulated with MCT oil and comes in four varieties. They also offer new flavors to mask the taste for those who don’t enjoy hemp as much. Available at 500 mg, 1000mg, or 1500 mg of CBD per bottle, there is something here for everyone’s needs.

Hemp oil is a potent and healthy alternative for those who wish to avoid traditional medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. The flavor isn’t as prominent, but it leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The CBDfx company is very well-known for producing high-quality, affordable, potent, and safe products.

Lab results are available on every product page and the brand’s dedicated section of its web page. The way that CBDfx makes these test results easily accessible demonstrates their commitment to transparency and making sure you can see for yourself how potent their products are before buying them.

2. CBD Pure: All Natural Pioneer



  • Organic.
  • No artificial ingredients were added.
  • Uses compounded extraction process.


  • Offers limited product range.

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CBDPure is a company that strives to provide high-quality CBD oil for sleep and hemp oil for anxiety, pain. They grow their hemp without using any harmful herbicides or pesticides, and every batch goes through third-party lab testing for purity before it’s sold on the market. You can request access to laboratory reports upon purchase of one of CBDPure’s products.

The options at CBDPure are simple. You can either start slow with its 100 mg hemp oil, which has about 3.3 mg of CBD per daily serving, or amp it up to 500 mg and 1000 mg if you’ve been around the block a few times and need something stronger for chronic pain relief, nausea treatment and inflammation management.

The CBDPure brand has an extensive line of CBD products designed to address a wide range of conditions. For moderate relief, 300mg Hemp Oil is recommended as it contains 10mg per dose. For more intense symptoms such as pain, depression, and anxiety, try the 600 mg variant that provides 20 times more potent doses and can be used throughout a more extended span before re-dosing is required.

This oil delivers all the flavor without any of that annoying aftertaste. The meticulous co2 extraction process is what makes it possible. The company has invested more time into the extraction process to create a better-tasting product.

3. CBDistillery – Non-GMO



  • Offers wide-ranging products.
  • Third-party lab testing.
  • Certified by U.S Hemp Authority (USHA).


  • Poor customer and refund service.

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CBDistillery has some of the most affordable CBD for anxiety products on the market and is committed to providing a safe experience with its hemp seed oil sourced from Colorado. With easy online shopping available for you anytime of day or night, CBDistillery’s dedication to customer service means no hassle when placing and receiving your orders.

The CBDistillery is a leading distributor of hemp CBD products, and its goal is to provide the highest quality, best value on the market. All of their products are US Hemp Authority certified which means they have been lab-tested for safety purposes. The company also provides batch test results, so you know exactly what you’re buying before investing in any one specific item.

The CBDistillery offers a wide range of CBD products that are suitable for different consumers. The company has two types of oils, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil. The latter contains terpenes to produce the desired effects. There is also an option for customers who want higher doses per bottle. This tincture comes in 500mg, 2,500mg, or 5000 mg of CBD per bottle with varying potency levels depending on what you need from your product. The CBdistillery provides both Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD oil options.

4. Spruce CBD: Budget Friendly



  • Provides excellent customer service.
  • Organic, Gluten-free, and Vegan
  • High potency
  • Lab-graded CBD oils


  • It does not offer low potency options.
  • It only comes in one flavor and size.

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Spruce delivers the most competitive CBD oil for both humans and dogs. At $269, they are one of only a few companies that offer lab-grade 2,400 mg oils at this price point.

Spruce’s lab results show that you can buy pure, third-party tested CBD oils with no pesticides, heavy metals, or biotoxins. Labels are transparent about the correct dosage and amount of CBD in each bottle.

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD oils at a middle-of-the-road price, this may be the brand for you. The Subscribe and Save option also gives 15% off regular pricing and free shipping, which can help reduce costs even more.

Spruce CBD’s commitment to quality has resulted in a product that successfully combats pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms. The company strives for no-frills: just the best products at honest prices shipped straight from their lab. Spruce cares about what they make without all those additives found elsewhere.

5. JoyOrganics



  • THC Free CBD.
  • Offers full spectrum CBD extract and broad-spectrum cbd oil.
  • Uses a GMP Certified facility.


  • A little expensive in its quantity.

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The Joy Organics mint CBD oil is made from the finest ingredients, ensuring your health and wellness. The most notable ingredient list includes olive oil, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, extra virgin olive oil, and peppermint essential oils that will have you feeling refreshed with every use. This product also has a USDA Organic Certification to prove its worthiness for those searching for an organic option.

CBD oil is a natural way to get all the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effects. The taste you will experience comes purely from natural ingredients because there are no artificial colors or flavors to be found.

The market has embraced joy Organics products because of their full-spectrum hemp. The company uses cutting-edge technology to remove THC from oil, preserving what matters most – cannabinoids which contain properties that help with pain relief and inflammation reactions.

Joy Organics is committed to third-party testing for its products. This commitment helps the independent labs test and publish results about their product’s safety in a crowded market with many similar options available. The lab tests include cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, microbiology screening, pesticide analysis, and residual solvents. All of which are designed to give you confidence that your purchase will be safe.

6. Royal CBD



  • Full-spectrum CBD.
  • Organic and Non-GMO


  • Offers limited product selection.
  • Lab reports are not publicly available.

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CBD isolate is the most popular type of CBD, but many experts say that CBD full-spectrum products are a much better treatment for anxiety disorders. Full-spectrum hemp extract refers to other compounds in organic hemp plants that offer their benefits, such as mood, and alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a form of cannabidiol (CBD) that contains the whole plant, including natural chemicals like THC. Broad-spectrum CBD means it takes in all three forms of cannabinoids: full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and broad range.

Royal CBD oils are made from high-grade full-spectrum organic hemp extract to help alleviate generalized anxiety disorders and depression. It contains a wide range of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp derivatives that have been proven to offer separate anti-anxiety benefits as well as antidepressant properties.

The 250 mg of CBD is great for beginners, ideal for mild anxiety levels. The 500 mg of CBD should be used more often for moderate to severe anxiety and depression or stress-related symptoms like irritability and insomnia but may not work as quickly on panic attacks or phobias compared to the 1000mg option.

For an even quicker response time, use the 2500 mg of CBD Royal Concentrate, which has been proven effective at all levels of anxiety severity, including OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Royal CBD oils come in various flavors to help subdue the natural taste that comes with grown hemp. There are peppermint, vanilla, berry (raspberry), and unflavored versions available for purchase.

7. Cheef Botanicals


  • Offers wide-ranging products.
  • High-quality product sourcing.


  • No third-party lab testing.

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If you’re looking for a company to trust with your CBD needs, Cheef Botanicals is the way to go. As one of North America’s most honest and transparent brands, they make sure that their customers are always informed about what happens regarding production. In addition, there’s lots of great information on how beginner users can get started.

Cheef Botanicals’ 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is perfect for newbies. The initial dose may not be intense but will still have a strong, soothing effect on the body and mind.

The hemp oil in this product contains only CBD and pure, unrefined grown hemp seed. The gentle flavor of the extract is created by using a full-spectrum cannabis plant extraction process that helps capture all cannabinoids and terpenes rather than just one, as with other products on the market today. This means you’ll experience more benefits from your oils, including minor cannabinoids like CBN or THCV, which might not be present otherwise due to heavy processing methods used during manufacturing.

Can CBD Help With Anxiety & Sleep Disorders?

Cannabidiol, a key component of cannabis that is not psychoactive, is beneficial for treating epilepsy and other neurological disorders. It appears to have some calming effect on the central nervous system when taken in small doses. Recent scientific publications have documented preclinical and clinical evidence supporting its use for epilepsy treatment as well as anxiety disorders such as schizophrenia.

Furthermore, CBD has been proven to calm the nervous system, and it can be used as a treatment for anxiety-related disorders. An article on Health Canal showed that nearly 80% of participants treated with CBD for sleep reported decreased levels of anxiety within one month. CBD is effective in treating several different types of anxiety-related disorders and sleep problems related to an overactive mind or high-stress levels.

How to Identify a High Quality CBD Oil

It’s best to read the ingredients on any product you’re looking at before buying it. If CBD is listed as an ingredient, that will be a good indication of whether or not the product contains real cannabidiol. You want not only cannabidiol in it but also CBD or at least hemp extract so that your money is well spent. Keep in mind that some CBD brands will list these two substances as one, and they can change from time to time due to new laws being implemented every day post-legalization.

Furthermore, there are products that are falsely advertised as CBD. Look at the ingredients list closely to ensure there is no mention of cannabidiol or hemp extract, and only lists seeds from Cannabis sativa plant oil. These products could contain some unwanted ingredients because they do not have any therapeutic properties for ailments like arthritis, social anxiety disorder, and other mental health problems knowing most people are constantly using CBD oils for anxiety and relief purposes.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief?

People can take orally administered CBD oils for anxiety and depression, but it is most effective when taken in the morning. These effects are strong yet subtle and may not be noticed until 2-3 hours after ingestion.

For those who need a more concrete relief from their stress or social anxiety symptoms during particularly stressful events such as giving speeches, smoking, or vaping, cannabis oil could provide immediate relaxation and relieve some of that pressure. Additionally, most CBD products include label instructions for proper administration. You may get greater depth and breadth of information on this query, Heraldnet presents some basic principles and recommendations when deciding to add CBD oil to your treating anxiety option.

The Best Way to Take CBD Oil

You can drop CBD oil in your mouth and swallow, but we recommend putting it under your tongue and sucking. This sublingual method is better than swallowing right away because CBD can enter your bloodstream more quickly through the capillaries under your tongue.

  • Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see the place under the tongue to drip CBD oil (about 2-3 drops per side, the dose depends on the individual) and know for sure how many drops you have used.
  • You put it under your tongue for about 1-2 minutes
  • After 2 minutes, you can swallow any remaining CBD oil


CBD is a natural remedy for anxiety with no side effects. It’s important to find the right product and dosage that best suits you to maximize the benefits of CBD. And as you can see, the best CBD oil for anxiety is a highly personal decision. It depends on what your needs are and how well each of these products works in treating them.

The most important thing is finding a product that has enough of the right ingredients and good quality control. If you are considering using this remedy, be sure to consult with your doctor first if you have a severe underlying condition. However, it would be best to choose a lab-tested and THC-free CBD. Your safety should always be the priority.

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