Bainbridge Island attorney proves its never too late to pursue your dreams

‘We’re making a real difference in clients’ lives,’ says personal injury attorney

Colleen Mriglot, attorney at Sherrard, McGonagle, Tizzano & Lind, opted for the path less traveled when she decided to return to school in 2014. As a brand new ‘empty nester,’ Mriglot was unsure what was next after raising her two children in Kitsap County.

Many might consider taking a vacation after their children’s graduation, or simply enjoying their new-found freedom in a now-quiet home. But Mriglot, who’d worked for five years as paralegal at Sherrard, McGonagle, Tizzano & Lind, saw an opportunity to pursue her dreams of becoming an attorney.

“I’ve always had an investigative nature, and while working as a paralegal I found that I was forming strong bonds with our clients,” Mriglot says. “So when my children graduated, I sat down and thought about what was next for me. I enjoyed my job but I wanted something more, so I went back to school and got my law degree.”

Upon graduation from Seattle University School of Law in 2017, Mriglot returned to the small, client-focused, personal injury law firm on Bainbridge Island.

Client-first approach

“I returned to SMT&L because it always felt like we were making a real difference in clients’ lives here,” she says. “We’re a close-knit group and have a shared vision for how we should be helping our clients. Many personal injury firms may say they’re looking out for their clients’ best interest but we don’t just say it, we actively show it every day.”

Sherrard McGonagle Tizzano & Lind takes a client-first approach. They focus on getting their clients well, by helping them navigate what they need for proper care. If needed, they also work with local non-profits to aid clients with other aspects of their life, such as social services or other resources.

“Once we know our clients’ immediate needs are being handled, we then start working towards getting them fair compensation for their injuries — and we’re not afraid to go to trial to ensure the best outcome for them,” Mriglot says.

When she isn’t supporting her clients, Mriglot spends time with her husband, children, grandchildren, and their beloved family dog Tasso. She also enjoys gardening and more recently has taken up paddle boarding.

“Paddle boarding has quickly become a favorite hobby of mine, and it was actually one of my clients that got me into it. After our professional relationship ended we maintained a close friendship. It’s connections with amazing people like her that inspired me to pursue my career as an attorney,” Mriglot says.

To learn more about the client-focused team at Sherrard, McGonagle, Tizzano & Lind, you can visit them online here or book a free consultation by calling or texting 206-842-5681.

Mriglot recently took up paddle boarding after being inspired by a past client.

Mriglot recently took up paddle boarding after being inspired by a past client.

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