Remembering a triumphant homecoming | The Buc Stops Here | November

October was a wild month for Kingston High School, with an ecstatic homecoming week for us all.

The Kingston community went all-out to provide a great homecoming week. In my opinion it has also been the best homecoming thus far for KHS.

Spirit week began with a “powder puff” football game. Senior girls won (to the juniors’ dismay). There were also competitions at each lunch from “Battle of the Sexes” to jumping in sleeping bags through obstacle courses. It was fun and often hilarious to take part in and watch.

A new event added this year was a gown and tuxedo exchange for students. From the beginning of the month, dresses and tuxes were donated to stock the Kingston “store.” Students could shop for a “recycled” gown or tux and enter raffles to receive prizes like a diamond watch or an appointment to get their hair done the day of the dance.

On Oct. 15, KHS students held their own parade on West Kingston Road. Floats from each grade were presented along with homecoming court and after the parade the marching band performed at the marina. It was festive and parents seemed to enjoy learning what groups and events were going on at KHS. Kingston High School finally had the lights at Buccaneer Field up and running.

Our homecoming football game was played on our field, and to our surprise (no offense boys) we kicked Klahowya’s booty! With a final score of 45-6, we rushed onto the field to celebrate with our team.

It was definitely a night to remember it was also the hardest rain we’d had in a while. Everyone was wet but in a gloriously victorious mood.

Of course after the game was over and everyone had gone the rain stopped. Ryan Byers told me the next week during passing between classes, “After the homecoming game it was the best feeling in my life, and me and my little brother owned it up on defense, and afterwards playing in the puddles was fun.” He said this half joking, but you could tell by the look on his face that he was proud of his team and they had fun owning the field that night.

The next day was a rush for everyone as preparations for the dance were made. I heard from quite a few of my peers that homecoming is so much better when we win the football game, giving us a reason to actually celebrate! If you decided to eat out for dinner the night of the Oct. 17, you probably found a group of KHS students eating out as well.

This year I have gotten more positive comments about homecoming week and the dance than I ever have about any other previous dances. Without the community of Kingston we would not have been able to put on the sort of homecoming week that we did.

Thank you Kingston!