Community theater groups provide six good reasons to look forward to February

The red and green M&M bowl is empty. Nothing but crumbs are left in the shortbread tin. Even the fruitcake is finally nibbled down to the last petrified cherry. January is the cruelest month. Here and there you see people still displaying their Christmas lights, struggling to stave off the darkness that they know awaits without them, but for the most part the decorations have been packed away for another year.

Sailors come ashore on Bainbridge, bring books

They won’t be arriving in the Navy’s signature mode of transportation, the F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet, but two retired Navy veterans will be landing at Eagle Harbor Books Jan. 11, to read from their new books. John Van Wyck Gould served on a destroyer during WWII, while Stuart Franklin Platt is a retired Rear Admiral. Both men live on Bainbridge Island.

Stories ‘From the Heart’

One petite Asian woman will fill the stage at the Admiral Theatre Jan. 11, as Jude Narita presents “From the Heart,” a one-woman show with five different vignettes. Narita is the award-winning creator of several one-woman shows featuring the fictitious stories of women of Asian descent. She is Japanese-American.

A guitar is born

Woodworker Ken Savage just wanted to make one guitar. Just one, for his own personal use and enjoyment. One with a better tonal quality than he could find in mass produced guitars. One, perfect guitar. Yeah, right. A woodworker making one guitar is like a chocolatier making one truffle.