Suzanne O’Clair

Suzanne O’Clair

Moon-walking backwards, a black hole and the holidays: Oh, My! | Stars Over Kitsap

  • Wednesday, November 29, 2017 1:30am
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Once you’ve gone as deep as you can go, you want to go as high as you can fly. Such is the pendulum swing from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Sagittarius begins the Holiday Season with its perfect expression -thanks giving – all about that gratitude, abundance, expansion and lightness of being!

Scorpio may guide us through dark winter eves but fiery Sagittarius says, “In the dark, WE will be the Light!” Bring out the candles and holiday trees with twinkling strings of light, hope and faith. ‘Tis the joyous season!

The full moon (Dec. 3 at 7:46 a.m. PST) of Gemini, the most logical of signs, arrives with Mercury moon-walking backwards for three weeks (Dec. 2-22). Oh, yea! Mercury, the emotional moon’s ruler, struts retrograde right through the middle of holiday hysteria. Crank up the drama, folks!

Wise women will rush to get as much holiday errands and on-line shopping out of the way POST-HASTE! Stock the freezer and pantry, buy and hide the gifts and be ready to implement Plan B, or C (or M) at a moment’s notice. If we can only remember that flexibility and humor can see us through many muddles ahead.

Even the Galactic Center of our universe gets into the action. It’s gigantic black hole that gobbles up whatever comes near. So toss in our regrets, sins, crimes and misdemeanors released in Scorpio and let us fly free. Magical and addictive Neptune ushers in a spiritual advent season that prepares us for the Light of Consciousness to be reborn in our spacious hearts. Go for the magical and watch the booze. It’s extra woozy this year!

Until then the tone of this celebratory month is to eat, drink, spend and be merry as we celebrate the coming of Light – in us, to us and through us – at Winter Solstice.

Horoscope Dec. 3 – 17

Sagittarius, jump back, Jack, doors of opportunity are springing open for you. Receive with a grateful heart. The last two years worked you hard, now what comes your way, you earned. Rework details that appear as new territory is plowed. Pay attention to your impatient partner.

Capricorn, changes and more changes but you’ve cleared the decks. Heed the magical promptings of your heart. Strategies come into focus soon. Tend to relationships with work colleagues. Let them know you care. Notice any fixated ideas and rework them before taking action.

Aquarius, get out and party like a child at play. In fact, go play with your children and give-up making headway for the moment. This is a different kind of work. Finding your network and the work that makes you feel alive and young. You’re opening up new territory!

Pisces fly high! All the way out to the Galactic Center, but remember to phone home. It’s heads in the clouds and feet on the ground time. Tend to your roots, your home, your family. Clear out, clean out, talk to the elders. Meanwhile, work is a conundrum – fun but stalled so tie up loose ends.

Aries, lean into your relationship. You can’t just make cameo appearances and expect magic there. A real get-away with your honey – yes, yes, it’s the holidays but don’t let that get in the way of a Christmas Miracle with your babe!! Talking, playing together helps you find yourself!

Taurus, this season share yourself and realize relationships take investments of time and energy, as well as money. Most valuable of all is you making shared experiences. Make time for bonding and building memories. Invest in you and them. It’s the gold of life.

Gemini, friends are knocking on your door. They want to know you, and funny as they get to know you, you come to know yourself better. Let them in. Let logic dwindle and magic happen. You are ready for something more than ordinary and easy. Rewrite your relationship story.

Cancer, your everyday schedule is loaded but your heart and soul needs, wants, must find the peace and quiet of the season. Lighten your load because Mercury is not your friend in its retrograde. You are looking for a more expansive box. Changed perceptions help you rewrite visions for yourself.

Leo, party, glitter and glow. Touch base with everyone you know. This season brings out your showy, creative sparkle so don’t miss an opportunity to show up. You never know who you will meet. The summer eclipses re-ignited your sense of yourself these days, so anything is possible.

Virgo, work, home and a refreshed romantic twinkle with your honey makes the Holidays merry, bright. Mercury retrograde puts you behind the control curve and you hate that. It’s okay, Mercury is just messing with you so lighten up, laugh and find the magic.

Libra, it’s a heady mix of inspiration and everyday routines. Notice the exotic, far-out and unexpected in your own neighborhood. Visit the specialty grocery. Talk to the man standing outside his shop. Mix it up right where you are. Fabulous! Go after your wildest desires and expect magic!

Scorpio, invest in yourself, invest in your partner and sit tight. You know something is coming. You can feel the sparkle in the air. You have a year of opportunities, so yes it’s coming. Be sure to pick the golden ticket that fits your wildest hopes and dreams. Oh, yea!

— Suzanne O’Clair is a practicing astrologer of 40 years. A Monthly Moon Circle in downtown Poulsbo is scheduled for January 13 from 3 – 5:30. Call her at 360-509-6400 to register.

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