Hobgoblins and the forest of our childhoods | Stars Over Kitsap

The Scorpio time of year brings us to the land of hobgoblins and ghosts where the veil between worlds is thin. Still, the full moon (Nov. 3 at 10:22 p.m. PDT) shines in pragmatic Taurus, a sign grounded in nature, our five senses, comfort and security, (as in money, honey) with no time for childish fairy tales about things that go bump in the night.

Any good counselor can tell you, though, that even Tauruses have goosebumps that come from deep inside where childhood fears arise like ghosts in nightmares. Once upon a time, we were little and powerless and we sought comfort through others — who had total power over us. See? Relationships have been a love/hate story from our beginning!

Childish fears bubble to the surface in intimate relationships. Both Scorpio and Taurus desire emotional and financial security. To get that sense of safety, we engage in inner and outer power struggles while longing to merge with another completely, totally. Boundaries blur and uncertainty, envy, jealousy and outright possessiveness can raise their demonic heads. What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine. And since you bring me comfort and security, you are mine, too!

These two signs can dig into their comfort zones and hang on until a murder of crows roosts in a spooky tree. Taurus is the financial genius: real estate, investments, and personal property. Scorpio deals with money, too, but in conjunction with partners. If those partners’ values aren’t aligned, well, good people can go berserk over money issues when the relationship ends.

This pragmatic Taurus moon brings us back to reality, simplicity and practicalities. Don’t over react to issues of the moment. We’re all beginning an emotional journey into the forest of our childhoods this year, so go slowly and feel deeply. Be kind to each other. Intuition bonds us with our beloveds, as long as we value relationship over our childish patterns.

Do your inner work and love flourishes inside and out. Don’t do it and there you are — stuck in the Day of the Dead and flopping around like the Headless Horseman!

Horoscopes Nov. 3 -18

Scorpio: Trick or treat? You aren’t sure yet. Jupiter newly arrived in Scorpio shifts your normal tendency to stay in the shadows. Opportunities abound when deeply held values lead you. Seek (or soothe) partnerships. Talk about values and listen to them.

Sagittarius, focus on your real partners. You know who they are because they carry some of the weight. Plod along with work mates. With two years of solid growth behind you, don’t fumble the ball in the end zone. Make your two-minute game shine!

Capricorn, actively seek partners at work. Make them yours through fun away from the cubicles. Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio widens your sphere of influence with powerful players on the field. Ask for help as needed. Really! Keep releasing what doesn’t work.

Aquarius, part of your current focus is being grounded and keeping it simple behind the scene. Work it, baby. In fact, you have several years of practice ahead. Let partners be the wind beneath your wings. At home, deal with realities while enjoying the comforts of your castle.

Pisces, the more solid your base, the more you can fly. Bring neighbors, brothers and sister into your magical world and help them lift off, too. Beneficial teachers and exotic friends help you expand your horizons. It’s a good time to seek partners with funding.

Aries, if you are secure within yourself, seek partners and build memories with them. The powers behind the scenes notice your work. Pay attention and demonstrate what a great leader you can be. If you aren’t secure with yourself? Well, don’t be the headless horseman.

Taurus, you bring a grounded, placid aura and with everyone’s nerves frayed these days, you’re a welcomed presence. Partners mirror issues you must undertake in this year’s trip into the gnarly forests of our childhood. Do your work (yes, you!) and be calm.

Gemini, friends are your vehicle of self-discovery. Often overly logical, this moon shows you where you are your own worst enemy. Daily life is about to shift into overdrive. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Otherwise, your body might talk to you in a psycho-somatic way.

Cancer, the calmer the friend and easier the event, the more you want to participate. Fun is the key and you are ready to join the party. Fill your home with true, equal, collaborative and creative friends. Gentleness and harmony nourish your roots.

Leo, how fulfilling is your work? Change is hard but work takes up a lot of life. Don’t let anything stand between you and your passions. Let go of the past and the present if your future lies elsewhere. Strengthen your roots to reach the sky in your career.

Virgo, try something out of your comfort zone. Talk therapy can help – even with a friend. Explore blocks to expanding your belief systems, sense of adventure and feelings of hope. Research some, but don’t talk yourself out of taking action. Step into growth.

Libra, own your stuff – and not theirs. Do your work – and not theirs. As you’re clearer about who you are, relationships become less stressful. Relate (and respond) to yourself first. Are you presenting yourself in ways that get you where you want to go?