Finding the best products in recreational cannabis stores

Do you need help finding a product that fits your individual needs? There’s help.

More than 200 elite budtenders in Washington judged all I-502 cannabis products for the Budtender Cup. The goal is to provide you with a resource to discover products that were designed with you in mind.

Listed below are the winners of the second round of the Budtender Cup: Best Sativa, Best Indica, Best Concentrate and Best Vape Cartridge. Each winner was briefly reviewed by knowledgeable budtenders.

Best Indica: Dutch Treat from Sweet As!

“Dutch Treat handcrafted by Sweet As! cannabis had me at hello, scented with heavy pine notes and subtle cherry flavor on top. Fast acting distinct attitude elevation grounded by a mellow body lift. The dense nugs hit smooth and taste as lovely as it smells. Type of bud you could use day or night and look forward to coming back to.” — Mikeee’ at Seattle Cannabis Co., First Avenue, Seattle.

“In every category, well done!!! More please!” — Angie at Station 420 LLC in Union Gap.

“Dutch treat is one of my favorite strains. This specific one is very well done; typical pungent earthy flavor, cerebral high with nice body high to compliment. Even trichome formation and a well-done cure was great to experience as well.” – Sean at Cinder in Spokane.

Best Sativa: Dutch47 from Trail Blazin

“Floral, sweet, spice and earthy notes that dance on your taste buds. Tastes as great as it smells. Really fun high. I would recommend sharing these buds with your buds for a night out on the town dancing or playing Ping Pong!” – Sarah at Goodbuds, near Highway 283 on Road K in Quincy.

“Sweet citrus smell and amazing dense buds. I loved the effects and enjoyed the well-balanced high.” — Alicia at Spokane Green Leaf.

“A really fragrant weed with a smooth, mixed-fruit flavor. The high THC level makes for a strong long lasting high. The overall experience with this strain was very pleasant and I would recommend to anyone looking to get really stoned and not cough their head off.” – Douglas at Millers Marijuana in Elma.

Best Dabs: Lucid Oil by Monkey Grass Farm

“I really liked this oil, personally. I got a very faint citrus and black licorice taste when exhaled. I don’t like black licorice at all but actually found it really appealing. Also seems to dab really light and smooth too. Overall it was a pleasure to review!” – Chris at OZ Stone Avenue, Wallingford, Seattle.

“Clear convenient packaging. Slightly clear oil with a pleasant citrus scent. Using my nectar collector I could dab right out of the glass jar it came in. Strong citrus flavor with minimal coughing. Strong high that’s calm yet invigorating.” – Cameron at HWY 420 in Bremerton.

“I enjoyed the Lucid Dabs out of a Pollen Puller. Talk about love at first inhalation, smooth taste, great high, and clean smoke! These guys know how to package it right. Glass container with a silicone top makes it easy to get all of the concentrate out for happy consumers! Thank you for the excellent product!” — Sky at Margie’s Pot Shop in Cook, near the Hood River Bridge

Best Vape Cartridge: Lucid Oil by Monkey Grass Farm

“This is hands down the best cartridge I have ever tried; it’s apparent that Lucid’s clean distillation process truly makes a difference. The cartridge gets a 10/10 review from me and is a breath of fresh vapor in an industry where most competitors I’ve tried can’t even come close.” — Nathaniel at MJ’s Pot Shop in Pullman.

“The taste was on point, the high is amazing and relaxing. Lucid is for sure a brand I’m keeping an eye out for in the future! – Max at Seattle Cannabis Co., First Avenue, Seattle.

“Citrus to the taste, leaving you with a crisp well-rounded high. For a high potency product this concentrate was amazingly clear! I would be more then willing to try more of Lucid Oils products.” – Pineapple at The Treehouse Club, Spokane Valley.