Can I have a cookie? Yes, if you prepare for a wildfire

Organize a work party on National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day May 6 and firefighters from North Kitsap Fire & Rescue will bring you homemade cookies.

The goal is to make your neighborhood more resistant to wildfire. Steps include improving defensible space around structures, removing excess vegetation, and ensuring that homes are visibly addressed.

With the frequency and severity of wildland fires ever increasing in Western Washington, it is prudent to take preparedness steps now.

Sign-up to get your cookies with an email to or call 360-297-3619.

Find links to more information at

CPR training

The theme of National Emergency Services Week May 21-28 is “EMS: Where Emergency Care Begins.”

We’re observing the occasion with a fun, free and fast-paced CPR training targeted at strengthening bystanders’ capabilities – because that’s where emergency care begins.

A cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival are dramatically increased when a bystander recognizes the emergency, calls 911, starts CPR and uses an AED.

Join NKF&R firefighters as they take students through a simulated cardiac arrest resuscitation, demonstration of the use of an automatic external defibrillator and instruction/practice in hands-only adult CPR.

Spaces for the free training at Village Green Community Center (26159 Dulay Road NE) are available in the morning at 9, 10 and 11, and at noon. Call us at 360-297-3619 to reserve a spot. Be one of the 100+ bystanders we hope to train that day.

Window falls

As temperatures warm, windows open and children – especially those under the age of 7 – are at greater risk of falling out of one.

Every year in the U.S., as many as 5,000 children are hospitalized with injuries from incidents that could be prevented with a few simple steps.

See our website at for details about keeping kids safe this spring and summer from this and other hazards.

Clean audit

Officials from the Washington State Auditor’s Office have completed their routine examination of the district’s financial and accountability practices for 2020-21 and, once again, found compliance safeguarding of public resources for the areas they examined. Our successes are a result of team effort, led by the Administrative Services Division headed by Katie Patti.