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Homeschooling has become very common in our society. If you homeschool, there are groups for your children so they can get different perspectives and connect with other children. And if the home-school teacher does it right, there are many great ways to educate and engage — and satisfy the curiosity of — a student.

Author Deanna Holm is a homeschool teacher. But first, let me tell you about her book, “An Adventure in Tropical and Temperate Rainforests.” This book covers five continents, seven rainforests and hundreds of extraordinary animals and plants. It has pictures and maps and explanations of plants that can be found in some of these exotic places.

I learned about the Ylang-Ylang plant that is used to make essential oils and perfumes; and about the poison dart frog that , from its secretions, provided poison for blow darts. And did you know there are more than 40,000 different plants in the rain forests that are used to make medicines or provide food or for a variety of other things?

This book is full of beautiful photographs and includes a glossary of terms to explain some of the difficult or unusual words found in the book.

I think this book was written with students in mind, but I found the maps and explanations under the picture of the flora and fauna and animals especially interesting. I would recommend the book to adults and children who are interested in the world. You can find it at and

The author of this book has also written a teacher’s manual and a student workbook to help with studies. These books are aimed at the second- through sixth-grade audience.

The teacher’s manual offers connections to videos about subjects that can be shown to the student, and gives teachers the corresponding pages in the students workbook. It helps the teacher teach the curriculum.

The student workbook has pictures to cut and paste in boxes; images to color, such as the hummingbird on page 57; and several animal and flower pictures in the back of the book. It also has places for the student to write stories or essays about what he or she has been studying.

The student workbook and the teacher’s manual are available at Discover This website is full of information and supplies for the homeschooler, or for anyone needing charts or lesson plans.

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