Your senator voted ‘yes’

Yes, that’s right. Washington state Sen. Emily Randall voted to raise the South Kitsap local school portion of your property tax. This increase is one of the highest increases to date. The new tax increase for 2020 amounts to 59% more than tax year 2019.

Sen. Randall votes yes on a bill labeled ESSB 5313 in the year 2019. This was a Senate bill that would raise the enrichment levy rate for South Kitsap 402 school from $1.50 per thousand to $2.50 per thousand (for taxes to be collected in 2020). This was a very significant property tax increase, especially for seniors on fixed incomes.

I know Sen. Randall has her own personal agenda. I know that agenda does not include working for seniors on fixed incomes. If she cared, then she would not have voted for ESSB 5313.

Evidently Sen. Randall cares very little about seniors who are just trying to stay in their homes through the latter years of their life.

Seniors need to be really concerned about these excessive tax increases because you most likely will be taxed out of your home if this exorbitant taxation continues.

Seniors should be calling the Legislative Hotline at 800-562-6000 and voicing their opinion. Wake up, seniors!

Rob Daugherty