Word games being played by both parties

Two items in the recent news need to be addressed. First, the conservative speaker at the University of Washington had every right to be there under our Constitution and the First Amendment.

He was invited by students who wanted to hear him speak. The liberals who went there in an attempt to stop the speech, shout down the speaker or create chaos and violence showed a high disrespect for our American way and the Constitution. Dictators and terrorists use this strategy to stifle free speech, not American citizens.

Three phrases come to mind, one from the ’60s during Viet Nam: “What if you threw a war and no one came?”

And, “Don’t go to a heavy metal concert if you like the blues.” If you don’t like what they’re going to say, don’t go. No chaos, no violence and our First Amendment stays intact.

The third phrase is “Know your enemy,” which requires a different strategy. Go and listen peacefully. Learn more about their views and strategies, then you are better prepared to fight them. And you just might be surprised to learn that your views on some subjects might be similar.

The second item is Trump’s tweet that reputations and careers are shattered by mere allegations.

There is nothing untrue in this statement, and unfortunately, there are many people who believe the myth that you are innocent until proven guilty.

An accused innocent person goes home, gets on with their life, then gets proven innocent or guilty in a court of law.

The reality is that they’re presumed guilty, put in handcuffs, taken to jail and they then have to prove their innocence or guilt in a court of law.

The same holds true on these allegations. Although the Democrats claim to be outraged and in disagreement with him, they’re actually agreeing and reinforcing his statement.

They believe these people are guilty based solely on the allegations.

I just hope everyone, Democrat or Republican, will recognize the word games being played by both sides.

Read between the lines, examine the issues closely and make educated judgments on important issues.

Frank Kolb

Port Orchard