Where’s the integrity on our school board?

As a candidate for the school board, I am dismayed and disappointed to learn that the current school board president now has two DUIs but remains in office.

I have had voters ask me for my “qualifications” for the job and have attended a forum to field questions from voters as to my “qualifications” to be on the school board. So, now I ask the voters, what do you think of the current school board? There have been three incidents in our community that question the board’s integrity in the past few months.

First, we have a current teacher using her students to send a very vulgar and questionable message to people and your students. Second, the principal who was hired to bring accountability to the high school suddenly resigned when she attempted to do what she was hired to do. And now, we learn that back in 2016, the school board did nothing regarding the current school board president’s first DUI.

What will the current school board do? What kind of message are we sending to our community and to our children? How do you explain what is right and wrong to your children if those who lead our educational community are lacking in judgment?

Sadly, I personally knew two young children who are no longer on the planet due to a DUI driver, so I have a different view of how this should be handled. The question is, what type of board members do you wish to elect?

Jeff Daily

Port Orchard