Vote for Lamb, Daily

I would like to voice a recommendation to South Kitsap voters in regard to candidates for South Kitsap School Board.

First, I cannot vote for Mr. Lamb, but I can tell you this: Mr. Lamb has been involved with many committees in SKSD and has a very good knowledge of the district’s operations and finance habits. His decades-long knowledge about SKSD outshines and outpaces all of his challengers. He is the only logical choice to be put into office in SKSD District 2.

Give Mr. Lamb your support by giving him a ‘yes’ vote on your ballot at election time.

Second, there is a new face coming onto the scene named Jeff Daily, a candidate for SKSD District 5. I have been able to find out that he has a vast knowledge of the goings-on in SKSD. He has the knowledge to justify the voters of SK giving him their support to get SKSD onto a more people-friendly financial operational path than the path currently being traveled. I strongly recommend that voters support Mr. Daily with a huge ‘yes’ vote on your ballot.

In closing, it’s long past the time to change out two-fifths of a financially unstable and unsustainable school board by giving Mr. Lamb and Mr. Daily your support with unanimous ‘yes’ votes.

Larry L. Mann

Port Orchard