United for our schools

Each day brings new stories and accounts of division amongst our nation, our region and some of our local communities.

Here in South Kitsap we, too, sometimes find reasons to disagree. But we’ve always remained united around the commitment to build a better community founded on respect for one another and the promise to the next generations to provide even greater opportunity and prosperity.

This year’s South Kitsap school bond should be an overwhelming expression of our unity for that common vision, the chance to fulfill our promise to build a better place for our children and generations to come. The benefits of this investment include immediate returns as well: confident and equipped students who will quickly become the employees, business owners and families that will sustain our community’s strength and growth.

Much has been discussed about the fiscal impacts and costs/benefits of the capital construction that the SK bond will fund. We are in strong agreement that the SK capital construction plan is sound and makes sense. Sometimes we lose sight of the greater good while debating issues that have been repeatedly resolved.

While our aging schools crumble around our students and faculty, we’ve let unfounded arguments confuse and distract us from our obligation to provide a safe and effective education for our children. It’s time to unite around what is so clearly our common goal and vote “yes” for SK schools.

Please join us by voting to approve the SK bond – and “yes” for the SK capital levy – this election.

Gary Anderson, G. Anderson Group

Bek Ashby, Port Orchard City Council

Kim Atwater, CPA

AnnaLee Baglio, SK real estate broker

Robert Baglio, BJC Group

Dave & Sue Baker, Sue’s Fresh Juice Bar & Sandwich Shop

Jim Civilla, Westbay Auto Parts

Amy Creed, Amy’s on the Bay

Barry Doll, AmFam Insurance

Stacey Frakes-Hayter, Pinch Eats

Rick Gehring, SK business owner

Morgan Hanley, Hanley Construction

Jennifer Hardison, SK Citizen of the Year

Coreen Haydock, The Dock Bar & Eatery

Ryan Hayter, Hayter Communications

Dawn Jake, CPA

Adele LaCombe, Debbie Macomber Inc.

Suanne Martin Smith, Home Made Café

Steve Politakis, CEO, Kitsap Bank

Rob Putaansuu, Port Orchard mayor

David Rill, SK graduate

Steve Sego, Waterman Group

Samantha Smith, Josephine’s Mercantile

Nick Taylor, Dragonfly Cinema

Mark Trenary, Excel Business Systems

Jon Wall, Henderson Partners

Maureen Wheeler, community organizer