Trump has inherited a disaster in Obamacare

In response to Marylin Olds’ column, “Trumpcare: a badly needed tax break for the wealthy,” page 6, April Kingston Community News.

Thanks for throwing up a bunch of hogwash from the New York Times. Your opinion column has made me not want to read the Kingston Community News any longer. I can use it to start fires from now on. Please keep your political opinions out of such a nice newspaper.

Don’t forget that Obama said in his campaign for Obamacare (“Trumpcare” isn’t a thing, by the way), “You won’t lose your plan, nor your doctor, and on average a family of four should save $2,500 on year on healthcare premiums,” and that Obamacare isn’t a tax. Now the New York Times and you are saying that the richest Americans are to receive a tax cut under a new plan … are you saying that the subsidies for Obamacare are a tax? (We all know now that Obamacare is just tax). Wow, you liberals are truly hilarious. You guys need to get your facts straight.

Mid-chemo in 2011, I lost my doctor and lost my plan when Obamacare went into effect. And guess what? Now, my premiums are up over $2,500 a year for my family of six. Trump has inherited a disaster in Obamacare. I voted for Obama in 2008. How foolish and naïve I was.

Wake up, Marylin, and focus on the positive. The feeling I got after I read your article was that you shame and discriminate people that don’t share your opinion. Using words like “shame on them,” “terrified,” “coldhearted,” “thumb-to-forefinger jab,” “hate” … That’s not cool and I don’t like your opinion! Be nice, for goodness sake.

John Anderson


Editor’s note: “Obamacare” is the nickname of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, shortened to Affordable Care Act. “Trumpcare” is increasingly being used as a nickname for the American Health Care Act, the health care reform plan proposed by the Trump administration.

The website concisely outlines pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act.

The Congressional Budget Office issued this analysis of the American Health Care Act: