The normalization of Donald Trump

After witnessing the spectacle of the president’s address to both houses of Congress and the world, I was appalled at the soft critique by our American press corps.

Personally, I watch and read anything on the state of the nation and the blatant acceptance of a deeply flawed individual held with such attention by all on a daily basis. Being informed on fact-based journalism to discern the myriad of issues at hand is a credit to the intelligence of mankind.

This current whitewash after Trump’s State of the Union was a dramatic turn from the media after the demonizing attacks toward journalists by the president and his pundits. It is OK to have a well-written speech received in a conservative way without the opposition picking it apart. But, for the press to dismiss past tirades and condescending monologues by Trump as he transforms into his role of commander in chief is unacceptable.

It is as if there was an internal memo circulated to all the news networks overnight to embrace the historic value of the presidency.

We, the people, must have complete transparency or we will all fall victim to the malfeasance buried underneath his administration’s sideshow. It is not hard to swoon the willing, but to court the opposition as a hypnotist we can only blame ourselves for being submissive.

Kelly Kehoe