The irreplaceable Jessie Turner

I really appreciated the front page article about the passing of Port Orchard’s super volunteer Jessie Turner in the Feb. 24 issue of the Independent.

I would like to offer my personal observations and thoughts about her devotion to various volunteer involvements.

The Port Orchard Eagles had entered a float in the Fathoms O’ Fun Grand Parade for several years. With that involvement as a starting point, Jessie encouraged us to increase our community commitment by helping with the Easter Egg Hunt, the Port Orchard 125th anniversary celebration and supporting the Sidney Museum.

How can you replace Jessie Turner? You just can’t. If four people did the work, they might be able to keep up the pace, but they could never match the positive, “can-do” attitude, the beautiful, welcoming and supportive smile, or the gentle nudges and encouraging words of assistance.

It was always a pleasure to work with her. Thank you for your help, Jessie. Enjoy your rest.

Ken Bicha

Port Orchard