Thank you, generous shoppers

Port Orchard Eagles gather money, food for SK Helpline.

Thanks a million to Port Orchard Eagles “worker bees,” new and old, for your hard work as we stood at the entrances of all area grocery stores on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 18-19, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., asking for money and food for South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank.

With help from Fathoms O’ Fun at Mile Hill Albertsons, we logged in 238 volunteer hours. That number doesn’t include the Helpline volunteers who picked up, weighed and filled the bare shelves at the food bank.

A huge thanks go out to the generous shoppers who donated to this cause in a way that we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you, Port Orchard, for supporting our annual event. We are overwhelmed by your goodness.

Ken Bicha and Tina Roske, chairpersons

Port Orchard Eagles