Supports Moon for Poulsbo mayor

After receiving the latest City of Poulsbo newsletter and reading about growth in the North Kitsap Herald, I feel compelled to air my frustrations about the ever-expanding new housing developments, which seem to be our mayor’s favorite goal.

We moved to Poulsbo six years ago, choosing this lovely city for its size, history and quaintness. However, during those few years we noticed a drastic increase in local traffic — which will only be amplified when all those new developments become reality.

We have talked to many friends and neighbors, even shop owners, around Poulsbo — and not one expressed support of such a large number of developments. So, regardless of opinions about Ricky Moon, we’re inclined to vote for him just to challenge Ms. Erickson, who seems to have a one-track mindset — ignoring valid concerns of residents who might question her motivation.

Growth is not always a good sign of progress. When is that rapid expansion going to end? Would a city population of 20,000-30,000, especially without concurring infrastructure, sound about right?

Gitta Brown