Supports Kitsap Regional Library’s Proposition 1

I am writing as strictly a private citizen; I want to be an “open book” here about this. In fact, I want to be a bunch of open books — print and digital — as well as youth education, even on Sundays!

We get all this and more if we as a community support Proposition 1, the library levy proposal on the Nov. 7 ballot.

I won’t use the too-often-cited cost of a premium coffee to express the cost ($24 per year for a $300,000 house) but rather say for less than the cost of a subscription to National Geographic magazine for just your home alone, instead together we can assure youth and adults alike thousands of subscriptions and books, and an encyclopedia of online information on up-to-date computers for everyone.

I urge all my neighbors to support the Kitsap Regional Library’s Proposition 1 on Nov. 7.

Ed Stern