Students learn horticulture skills from citizens and business members in community

To the editor,

KMS Horticulture has been a great success this year! The students have had an opportunity to learn firsthand what it takes to take a tiny seed and turn it into a mature plant.

Students have also learned horticulture skills from citizens and business members from the surrounding community. These community members have shared their expertise, time, and materials to help build Kingston Middle School Horticulture. On behalf of KMS Horticulture, Mr. Johnson would like to recognize the following people that have contributed to KMS Horticulture Class:

KMS Horticulture Plant Sale Patrons, Henery Hardware, Paul Lundy — West Sound Bee Keepers Association, Diane Fish — Kitsap Conservation District, Rick Walsh & Patrick Haley — Darrel Emel’s Tree Service, Suzanne Richardson — Stedman Bee Supplies, Megan Pulkkinen, Megan Pulkkinen Landscape Design, Jeff West — Olympic Organics, Chrissy Petoff — Master Gardener, Sean Olmsted — Olmsted Nursery, Melinda Joy West, Diane VanDiest — Horticulture Club, Nina Kocourek — Horticulture Club, Gina Horn — Paraprofessional, Tracy Knizek — Paraprofessional

Thank you for your support!

Scott Johnson

Horticulture Program Advisor

Kingston Middle School