Speaking of equity and public comments

As I read some of the comments regarding the Central Kitsap School District levy, I wonder if people have their facts straight. The McCleary decision has ended, meaning that the judge, Legislature and the State Office of Public Instruction all think that the state fully funds education.

The billions going (and still going) to education made Washington state teachers the fifth-highest paid in the nation. Most classified staff are paid over $64,000 a year, well above the median income in many places. District employees are state employees and get a state raise and COLA.

The WA state snowplow drivers (and all other state workers) get only what the state gives them. But the local unions sneak in and “bargain” for another pay raise, as if this is not enough. Why do they get two pay raises when others get one? The cost to the district is huge and takes away from what you think is money going “for the kids.” Just sayin’.

On another matter, are you aware that South Kitsap School District board director Berg has a draft policy in play that will eliminate public comments being allowed at regular school board meetings. I don’t like to advertise but go here to see his new policy approach. The item is on right under Proposed Public Comment Policy: skschools.info/.

Dave Kimble