Sheriff Simpson says ‘Thank You’

COVID-19 has impacted the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office in a manner never expected. The new rules for interfacing with each other have changed how we conduct business.

When calls to Kitsap 911 can be addressed over the phone, they are. Communication at counters is limited to three persons in the lobby. Wearing masks is required and there now are protective barriers between staff and the public.

People entering the jail have their temperatures taken and prisoners are screened for illness before booking. Employees are checked throughout the day. Everyone is adjusting to the new processes, and the need to wear personal protective equipment is a standard part of our routine.

We are doing our part to keep you safe. I hope that you are, too.

As our country grapples with unrest and differences of opinion, I am very grateful for the outpouring of support in recent weeks. The abundance of thank-you cards, letters and e-mail messages, flowers and snacks we’ve received has been overwhelming — and humbling. With these gestures of goodwill, I know there’s hope and that a better future is just around the corner. I’m confident we are doing the right thing and I know we’re appreciated for the work we do each shift … every day.

Despite these challenges, I often see our communities demonstrate their resilience. Kitsap County residents continue to build stronger and more vibrant neighborhoods every day.

Thank you to all who have been a positive influence in making our world a better place.

Gary Simpson

Kitsap County Sheriff