Sharks are circling us cash cows

The public must protest.

We know about taxation without representation. Especially when those collecting taxes think they have the right to raise our taxes.

So very true now, since the schools are closed and the South Kitsap enrollment has dropped. Parents are enrolling their children elsewhere is the “canary in the coal mine” for harder times ahead for taxpayers.

SKSD must be held accountable for their continued mismanagement of our tax dollars. They just lost about $10 million in state funding due to a drop in enrollment. How do you think they will try to make up for this shortage? Maybe a huge levy request this coming February?

SKSD wouldn’t budget this way with their own personal bank accounts. And what about our seniors? Does anyone care about how our seniors on limited incomes are being forced out of their homes? There needs to be a more realistic maximum income cap to qualify for senior property tax reductions.

There is another hole in this “tax boat.” We have an abundance of folks who are transient —military and others — who rent. They don’t own property, therefore no property taxes flow to SKSD.

The county continues raising property values to make up for other falling tax revenues, yet we are on the cusp of a full-blown depression. So, they routinely make these “adjustments” to our property values. The county has benefactors from these policies. There are SKSD and other local taxing districts, such as the South Kitsap Fire District, that has put out a $39 million bond request.

The taxing authorities are like sharks circling us bleeding cash cows. Something has to be done now that would help property owners instead of using levies and bonds to increase property taxes!

Jim Bryant

Port Orchard