Rosapepe is a candidate with integrity and honor

I am a retired Navy captain and engineer and have resided in the City of Port Orchard since 2009. I have known Port Orchard City Council member Jay Rosapepe for 15 years.

During that time, I have found Jay to be a person of the highest honesty, integrity and character. He is a proven community leader with four years of experience as our Port Orchard City Council member, his past membership on the South Kitsap District school board, and as a leader and senior manager of West Sound public transportation organizations.

Jay is a tireless worker with the expertise to get things done and the proven skills to work with others to tackle the many challenges facing Port Orchard now and in the future. He has been an exceptional City Council member and has my support and my endorsement for election to Position 2 on the Port Orchard City Council.

Steven Johnson

Port Orchard