Root is a man of honor and integrity

Ballots will be in your mailbox very shortly and I urge your support of Oran Root for Kitsap County Commissioner, District 2.

I have actually known Oran since his grade school days when he was in my Sunday School class. He is an intelligent young man of honor and great integrity. He is a retired Marine and has served our country protecting our freedoms for many years. That is why our Constitution and our freedoms live within him. He will work tirelessly to make sure those freedoms are protected for you and I know he will represent you whether Republican or Democrat because he cares about you.

We need a new perspective that listens to your issues and is not afraid to take appropriate action. Having served you as your county commissioner for eight years, I know what the job entails and have discussed this in-depth with Oran. I urge your support of Oran Root. He will serve you well.

State Sen. Jan Angel, retired

Port Orchard