Response to road issues are still lacking

An update regarding comments I made two weeks ago regarding potholes and vegetation overgrowing our roadways, street signs, stop signs, intersections, etc.

The response was amazing — in a bad way.

The county roads department did respond (if you can call it that). No action on potholes. Potholes are just getting more in number, and deeper.

Vegetation: The county response was to send a brush clearing machine to my neighborhood and along the main arterials in Hansville for one day only. The machine only mowed brush that was growing into the driving lanes, then left and never returned. This left 95 percent of the brush, weeds and grass still obscuring signs, blocking line-of-sight at intersections, and creating an increasing fire hazard along our roads (as the vegetation turns into torch material).

Again, I ask our county commissioners, “What happened to the road maintenance budget funds allotted for these purposes”? Still waiting for an answer on that one.

Neal Kellner