Randall is non-responsive to constituents

Did you vote for Emily Randall for state senator in the 26th District? You may have some surprises coming up in her first term.

Although it didn’t pass, she signed onto Senate Bill 5252 to lower the required 60-percent voter approval for school levies to 55 percent. This statewide initiative would make it easier for school districts to pass their levies, thus making seniors on fixed incomes vulnerable to even-higher property taxes.

On Jan. 24, I had a scheduled appointment with Sen. Randall. Upon arrival, I was told she had an unexpected meeting and was unavailable. Instead, her legislative assistant took notes as I presented my concerns about additional taxation. I left a five-question “yes or no” paper for Sen. Randall to answer and return to me by mail.

One letter and two phone calls later, I have yet to receive any response from her. This is a bad start for Sen. Randall (non-transparent and not interested in a dialog with her constituents).

Sadly, Emily Randall is no Jan Angel. Jan had no problem making time for her constituents and answering questions via mail, email or in person. Apparently, Randall’s personal agenda takes precedence over us.

Rob Daugherty