Questions about tiny houses in Kitsap

Regarding the editorial, “Let’s take tiny houses a step further in Kitsap”:

Let’s not until the following questions are answered adequately.

Who pays for the tiny houses for the homeless?

Who pays for monthly electricity?

Who pays for monthly water?

Who pays for monthly sewer?

Who pays for monthly garbage pickup?

Who pays the nearby homeowner for the drop in their home’s value?

The “handling of wastewater” is a huge issue from an environmental standpoint!

Who pays for the cleanup of the garbage left behind because the tiny house “homeowner” won’t pay for garbage pickup?

The stats provided by are for people who work and buy their homes.

Your article is misleading and lacking answers to the basic (above) questions.

Kellie Stolp


Editor’s note: Our editorial supports zoning for tiny houses as an affordable home ownership alternative. The owner of a so-called tiny house would have the same responsibility as any homeowner for paying for their utilities, including all of the services you mention in your letter. The responsibility of paying the utility costs for the tiny homes in the villages proposed by Homes for All would be established by that organization.