Poulsbo Kiwanis’s largest fundraiser of the year

Visit their booth during Viking fest for a sizzling roast beef sandwich

To the editor

This weekend is an exciting time of the year, when we come together as a community to celebrate our Annual Poulsbo Viking Fest. This year, after you’ve enjoyed the wonderful parade and the delicious aroma of barbecued food has reminded you of your most basic need – food, please consider visiting one of your local nonprofit booths.

Remember, when you support one of your local civic clubs, that money is being reinvested right back into your community. For example, Poulsbo Kiwanis donated over $10,000 to this year’s Kitsap Great Give, not to mention the thousands more given to individual causes throughout the year.

So when you walk by the booth that has the roast beef (purchased from our local Red Apple by the way) rotating slowly on a rotisserie, sizzling over hot coals, and you are tempted to have a nice hot juicy roast beef sandwich, remember it is going to a great cause. This is Kiwanis’s largest fundraiser of the year, as it likely is for many of the other nonprofits.

Poulsbo is a great place to live, and part of what makes it so special is the wonderful, supportive people in our community.

Jody Matson