Please don’t litter on Hansville Highway

When the county finally responded to the litter on Hansville Highway last month, I counted 67 large white litter bags on both sides of the highway between Albertsons and Eglon Road.

Since their cleanup, the gravity of the problem is clear. Day after day, the garbage piles up on both sides of the beautiful highway. Highway 104 and Bond Road from Kingston to Poulsbo look like a Third World, with piles of garbage on both sides.

I get out at least twice a week with garbage bags to help. I can’t keep up, so I’m hoping for help from those who litter and those who live along the highway. This is your driveway. Please keep it cleaned up as you would your own property, because it is.

A significant amount of litter comes from unsecured loads, primarily from pick-up trucks and construction vehicles. The balance flies out the windows of cars: Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, coffee cups and fast-food litter. Securing your load and carrying litter bags are required by Washington law.

For those using the dozens of roads and driveways that feed onto Hansville Highway, please make a point of cleaning the highway for a couple hundred feet each direction from your roadway or driveway. This alone would help dramatically.

In the meantime, I’ll be out there a couple times a week trying to keep up. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

David Jones