Pickard is the leader we need for SKSD board

If you want a person with experience in education, leadership skills, and strong character then vote for Brian Pickard for South Kitsap School Board.

This is a critical time to have an effective school board with strong leadership in South Kitsap. Brian is highly qualified to make good decisions on policy with the best interests of SK students, staff and community in mind. He has served as a leader in our schools, community and on national and state professional boards.

I had the pleasure of working with Brian at South Colby Elementary for several years. He was open-minded and would listen carefully to all sides of a situation and make decisions with students’ best interest in his heart. As a staff member, he encouraged open discussions and gave us clear expectations on the direction we were moving. He made connections with students staff and families, which created a trust that was the foundation for our family-friendly school.

Brian has been able to experience education from many levels. He has been a teacher, principal, parent and administrator at the district office. He is kind, empathetic and is driven to serve his community. Even after retiring, he served on a community board to help feed struggling families in South Kitsap.

About 15 years ago, Brian helped coach my son’s basketball team, where he was an excellent role model for the boys. He modeled the importance of team work and lifting each other up to achieve a common goal.

We are so fortunate to have someone of Brian’s skill set running for the SK school board. I hope you will join me in voting for Brian Pickard!

Cathy Hulet

South Kitsap