Letters to the Editor



Letters to the Editor

Community theater


FeedbackPublic defense a necessary costRegarding Adele Ferguson’s column on murderers and rapists (“Kitsap murder victims still wait for justice,” Oct. 4), I would say she… Continue reading

Kitsap can’t afford more Garrido

Newcomers to Kitsap County — beware. A friendly looking lady presenting herself as a community volunteer who supports education, job creation and transportation was removed… Continue reading

Angel favors development

For 17 years, starting with the Banner Forest fight in 1991, I have worked with my neighbors and friends to protect the environment of Kitsap… Continue reading

If you don’t have facts, just lob insults

Wow.Where does one start in response to Clifford Kincaid’s Oct. 8 letter (“Washington’s errors minor”).Mr. Kincaid was doing fine stating why he is supporting Walt… Continue reading

Dalton always does the right thing

I am not a Kitsap County resident, so I won’t be voting in the Superior Court Judicial election in November.Jeanette Dalton and Bruce Danielson are… Continue reading

Letters to the Editor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following who cared for my beloved husband Sverre Nordnes. Montclair Park staff, Dr. George Kina, Harrison Medical Center, Belmont Terrace, Martha & Mary Nursing Home and Stone Chapel. Without your professional, courteous and loving care we would not have managed alone. You made a very emotional time bearable.

Bremerton Marina isn’t even half full

Thank you, Bill Bambrick, for your Sept. 13 Guest Opinion (“Port of Bremerton just keeps shafting SK”) and for exposing the biggest boondoggle of the… Continue reading

Garrido has earned my support

Politics have never been a big issue for me, not until I met Charlotte Garrido.She was introduced to us at a staff meeting as one… Continue reading

Angel would reduce regs

Politicians are expected to make a pitch to the audience they’re addressing, but at the recent breakfast meeting of the Gig Harbor Chamber I heard… Continue reading

Danielson is a true independent

I have family, business and social interests that I see are under siege here on Bainbridge and in Kitsap County at large.The problem comes from… Continue reading

North Kitsap Herald Letters to the Editor | Oct. 4

The following is an open letter to Lou Dobbs concerning illegal aliens. I went to a protest in Port Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 20. I went in defense of our Fourth Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights.

Kitsap auditor candidate Walt Washington is the man

I recently met Walt Washington, the Democratic candidate for Kitsap County Auditor. He impressed me as a man with a clear grasp of the pressing issues facing a diverse and growing Kitsap County population, the dangers of voter suppression, voter disenfranchisement and the value of fair elections. Walt is the current interim Kitsap County Auditor. He is uniquely qualified to replace the retired Karen Flynn who was a moderate, effective, evenhanded and much respected Kitsap County Auditor for many years. As a long time Washington state resident, and having also lived in other parts of the United States, Walt has experienced firsthand the adverse polarizing impact, of powerful special interests, on our nation, our states and our county.

The other side to the story of closing Brazeau Mobile Home Park

Regarding the Sept. 17th front-page article on the closing of Brazeau Mobile Home Park in Kingston, I think staff writer Kelly Joines side-stepped the really… Continue reading

North Kitsap Herald Letters to the Editor | Oct. 1

I am shocked to read that the editor of our local paper thinks educational decisions should be left to our politicians rather than the parents and educators.

North Kitsap Herald Letters to the Editor | Sept. 27

I am writing about a problem that I’m sure is not unique to my husband and me. We have been taken advantage of by a local contractor.