Our votes determine our survival

I learned recently that we have about 12 – TWELVE – years remaining to correct our carbon-guzzling lifestyles or suffer water, beer(!) and food shortages, devastating storms and eventual economic chaos – likely the end of the American lifestyle we know today. So, this election is a critical time of choice for every voter.

Will we elect leaders with a vision for problem-solving to turn toward a sustainable future, or those who minimize the impact of climate change, dawdle and find excuses? I beg you to vote for the only state Senate candidate in the 35th Legislative District who was endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Environment and Climate Caucus: Irene Bowling.

Irene has pledged to work to protect our waters and salmon runs, and our land and air for future generations. Irene will support infrastructure investments to give us adaptability as climate changes. These investments can mean more jobs at better pay for our district and a better chance at becoming resilient to climate change.

Irene is ready to work for working families for the long run. Join me in voting for Irene Bowling for State Senator, 35th Legislative District.

Donna Branch-Gilby

Port Orchard