Olds column distorts ‘Big Oil’ sins

The “As It Turns Out” column (Herald, Nov. 16) by Marylin Olds is a prime example of how climate change fanatics resort to misinformation, distortions and fallacies in their battle against “Big Oil” companies.

There is not enough space here to address all of the problems with the column. Suffice it to say that the only way oil companies could be primarily responsible for the majority of carbon emissions is if they were the ones who were burning most of the fuels they produce. While it’s true that these companies are guilty of plenty of problems, it should be obvious to anyone with a working brain that this is not one of them.

We — you and me — are the ones who are directly or indirectly burning the fuels. But climate change fanatics don’t want to pin the blame on us and make us feel guilty. So they make “Big Oil” the boogey man. It’s an easy target.

It’s all about supply and demand. Oil is the industrial society’s drug. And the oil companies are the dealers. Until some other supplier can offer us an economically similar and less destructive “drug,” or we decide to kick our habit, we will continue to use what we can get. It’s human nature. It’s as simple as that.

Dan Van Eycke