North Kitsap Letters to the Editor

Letters from North Kitsap-area residents.

Val Torrens

A case of revisionist history?

Regarding Val Torrens column in the (May 17) Herald “Here’s hoping history won’t repeat” Ms. Torrens would find Thomas Friedman’s OPED column in Sunday’s New York Times (May 18) instructive. More than anything else at this time in our history we need to bring all Americans together to tackle and fix the many domestic and international problems caused by George W. Bush’s fueling the fires of divisiveness over the last seven years. We do not need pseudo historians fanning these flames. Jimmy Carter, former president and highly respected world statesman, has proven himself a friend and strong ally of Israel time and again and to put forth the rumor that he may be anti-Semitic is scurrilous. Carter has ample credentials to search for peace in the Middle East. Ms. Torrens needs to check her history. The Camp David Accords, brokered by Jimmy Carter and for which he belatedly received the Nobel Peace Prize, led to the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. As part of the agreement, Israel returned the occupied Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, a trade of land for “promised” peace which has worked. I quote in part from Mr. Friedman’s column: “It’s not only because this is my country, first and always, but because the single greatest source of support and protection for Israel is an America that is financially and militarily strong, and globally respected. Nothing would imperil Israel more than an enfeebled, isolated America.” Amen.

Charles Bickel



Six in one, geoducks in the other

Reading the legal notices of Wednesday, May 14, I noted a positive trend. A determination of nonsignificance concerning the Blackjack Creek Holding LLC mitigation site (07 47326) restoration of 54.5 wetland acres and mitigation of nonsignificance of Port Gamble Sparge Pile Relocation (08 52323). This moving forward to restore wetlands and the dispersal of tested dredging waste is kudos to a public servant, David Greetham. Also a Bravo Zulu to Olympic Property Group (OPG). A note of disappointment in our county and state controls over our wildlife, though. I picked up a copy of this year’s fishing regulations. It shows 40 beaches closed and under advisory/possible closure to shellfish harvesting. This due to mismanagement and poor choices by local governments past. It appears the same-minded choices are being made for the OPG, to stimulate “growth.” Let’s see, we’re allowing a $3 million industry in shellfish to be closed to open a maybe $500,000 tourist business.

When will our county officials stimulate growth without disrupting functioning business and wildlife? Possibly our new and improved county economic development group with its new director can help. There is money available for a positive development of Port Gamble without contaminating the clam beds. Geoducks live up to 75 years so this choice could close harvesting these beds up to 100 years. How about better choices? Example: Ten-year, tax exempt industrial park for green manufacturing units.

Ron Savage


NK Fishline

Tea was a success

North Kitsap Fishline would like to thank the following for making its first mother/daughter spring tea such a wonderful success: Village Baker, Kitchen Karousel, The Hiding Place Antiques and Collectibles, Poulsbo Albertsons, Salo Brothers Construction, Rubber Soul, First Lutheran Church, North Kitsap High School Odin Inn and Marina Market.

Special thanks to North Kitsap High School Choir students Kylie Booher and Amanda Guay, along with director Sylvia Cauter, for sharing their special talents with everyone. The monies raised because of your donations and contributions will help those in need in our community.

We look forward to seeing the community again at next year’s spring tea.

Celene Salo

North Kitsap Foodline

Liberty Shores

Thanks, local biz

The residents of Liberty Shores would like to thank several outstanding business owners in Kitsap County for their kindness and thoughtfulness. It started with Winifred Whitfield of Intimate Portraits in Poulsbo. She graciously offered, as a gift, to take an individual portrait of each of our men and women living at Liberty Shores Assisted Living Community who are 85 years old and older. That numbered 36 people ages 85 to 99! Our beautician Tammi Thompson fluffed everyone’s hair for the occasion.

Suzanne Droppert of Liberty Bay Books is the next helpful owner who helped with ideas and suggestions of children’s books that would be appropriate to be given by the residents to pre-kindergarten children at Martha and Mary Learning Center. To celebrate National Children’s Book Week, 23 books were purchased at a discount to be given to the children.

And finally, John Koval of Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island was the guest of honor at a mothers’ and daughters’ tea. He came to speak about tea: How to brew it, different types available and a brief history of tea. When more people came than were expected, this gracious man helped brew the tea in “brown Betty” ceramic tea pots brought from the shop so residents and guests alike could appreciate properly brewed tea.

Everyone also enjoyed the samples he gave out. Plus, there were favors given out that were from Rhiannon Stewart of Stacy McBride Jewelry. It’s a joy to recognize these outstanding people.

Carolyn Stolhand,

Activity director