North Kitsap Herald Letters to the Editor | July 30

I want to thank Bruce Danielson, a local attorney and candidate for Superior Court Judge. Earlier this year, Bruce took time to speak to a Mothers of Preschoolers group that I am part of.

Thank you

Thanks, Mr. Danielson

I want to thank Bruce Danielson, a local attorney and candidate for Superior Court Judge. Earlier this year, Bruce took time to speak to a Mothers of Preschoolers group that I am part of. He gave a very informative talk about legal issues that matter to mothers. He took time to answer a lot of questions. His whole presentation was funny and easy to listen to, even while providing some really important information.

Bruce Danielson obviously cares a lot about both people and the law. Thank you Bruce. You have my vote for Kitsap County Superior Court Judge.

Cheryl England


Visiting boaters loved the support

The crew of the P-619 and I would very much like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the Poulsbo folks that visited our WW 2 ex-USAAF AVR crashboat during our July 3-4 stay in your harbour. We had over two hundred visitors from 5 to 85 years old through the boat on July 3 and it was fabulous to see the enthusiasm you all had for this (sometimes overwhelming) restoration project I’ve undertaken.

Being from Canada, we generally just don’t see the kind of appreciation so prevalent amongst you. I know our crew’s own enthusiasm reached new levels seeing what this last original layout AVR meant to a lot of you. In these sometimes uncertain and diluted times, it is wonderful see this understanding of your own history and past. Don’t ever lose it America.

We would especially like to thank Admiral Bruce Harlow USN (ret) for his invitation and logistical set-up of our visit, Rick Leestra for his fabulous hosting and tour guide abilities and Ed Wurden for his floating hospitality and those wicked Navy signal flags adding a bit of colour to that haze gray.

While all of our visitors were special to us, our crew was unanimous in feeling that WW 2 PT boat man Bob Carpenter was our guest of honour. From ’42-’45 he did his bit in the ‘mosquito fleet’ clearing the South Pacific of undesirable occupants and their hardware. With stories of reprimands from JFK to tenuous situations afloat, his company meant a lot to us. The crew of the 619 hopes to have her much closer to completion by next year and it would be our honour to show you our progress again. Thanks again!

Randy Cunningham

Skipper P-619

Decision 2008

Become informed – then vote

The League of Women Voters believes that democratic government depends upon the informed and active participation of its citizens. Therefore, we encourage all voters to become informed about the candidates running for office in the Aug. 19 Primary Election.

All non-partisan judicial positions, Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judge, and Kitsap Superior Court Judge, could be elected in the Primary if one candidate receives over 50 percent of the votes. If one candidate in the non-partisan Superintendent of Public Instruction election receives over 50 percent, only that candidate will appear on the November ballot. In the 2004 Primary Election, only 52 percent of the registered voters in Kitsap County voted. We need to do better this year.

If more than two candidates are running for partisan positions, the Top Two candidates with the most votes, regardless of party affiliation, will proceed to the November General Election. The contests where this will apply are Kitsap County Commissioner District 2, U.S. 6th Congressional District Representative, 35th Legislative District Representatives, and six state offices. This is the first time the “top two” Primary Election will be held in our state.

All registered voters should read the Voters Pamphlet, attend candidate forums, and contact the candidates with your questions. Ballots will be mailed out July 30. Be informed, and then vote in the Aug. 19 primary.

Ellen Fisher, President

League of Women Voters of Kitsap

Bainbridge Island

Go green

Poulsbo, hear this?

This is in response to Go Green. I too have compost worms from Kitsap E-Z Earth and find the experience of caring for worms quite practical, effective, entertaining, plus beneficial. As a concerned citizen for the environment, I would suggest the new Poulsbo City Hall explore the idea and consider a Green Roof Garden. Green Roof is a technology to improve the energy performance of buildings, reduce runoff and contribute to a healthier environment by the use of earth’s resources and vegetation.

My wish would be for the Poulsbo City Hall to be the first to incorporate this garden technique and to show the community and citizens how conscientious and economical this project can be for the future. I also hope the Kitsap County Fair will Go Green this year. Everyone attending this event, be it a vender or sight seer, should beware of what they use, toss and recycle. Remember it takes a very long time for plastic items to decompose. Just think twice, conserve and consider where thrown away items will land. We need to do this together; everyone has a part in cleaning up our environment. Go green for our future.

Perry Ann Porter