Mr. Lemke, this is not about you

Chris Lemke was quoted in the Kitsap Sun in 2016 as saying, “I think the vast majority of the community supports it (the bond). They know the need, and I’m sure when the time comes, they will be asking the school board to run it again.”

Mr. Lemke was a big supporter of the bond. The needs have not changed. The only thing that has changed is Mr. Lemke is no longer on the South Kitsap School District board of directors. What Mr. Lemke is not understanding is this is not about him and how he wanted the bond and levy structured. This is about our children and the community.

South Kitsap High School is currently the largest high school in the state. The students, teachers and administrators at the high school make do with the large school, but they should not have to just “make do.” Passing this bond would allow this community and, most importantly, the kids, to have two similar sized high schools of approximately 1,500 students.

And, what about the other schools in our district? The capital levy will ensure that the other schools have the proper safety, security and technology upgrades needed for an equitable education.

Now is the time. We have a unique, one-time opportunity to pass both of these measures and have our local tax rate remain the same. Vote yes on the capital levy and vote to approve the bond. It’s time to make our children the priority.

Join me in voting yes on both measures.

Brian Pickard

Port Orchard