Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Lester

To the editor:

As current Kitsap Public Utility District commissioner for District 1, Debra Lester has focused closely on a collaborative and inclusive vision for KPUD leadership, working with her peers to support the staff in reaching their goals for water availability, water quality and continuing to expand access to broadband across Kitsap, previously not available in many locations.

She played an instrumental role in working with the state legislature to unlock the rights of a PUD to compete with sole service providers of fiber optic and broadband. She has led efforts to create a more diverse team, resulting in the first woman general manager. Debra makes a point to learn who her constituents are, what they care about and what they do, all in service to creating a resilient community that works together to protect our precious resources now and be ready for what the future brings.

In the past six years, Debra has proved her capabilities for leading the management of our most precious resources. Giving her your vote will allow this hard-working commissioner to continue her work for you.

Cynthia Shick

Bainbridge Island

Glisson for judge

To the editor:

Choosing between candidates for judge can be very difficult, so I want to share with you why I am supporting Stan Glisson for Kitsap County District Court Judge.

I first met Stan when I was a public defender, and he was an intern at our office. He was earnest, hardworking and eager to learn. The qualities I noted early on have served him well. Since then, I have had the chance to witness Stan’s work in court, and he is conscientious, knowledgeable, prepared and thoughtful.

All of the experience he has gained through working in every role in district and municipal courts — as defense counsel, prosecutor and judge pro tem — make him the best candidate for this position. District courts handle a variety of issues, mainly infractions, misdemeanors and protection orders. Stan understands that this is truly “the people’s court” and has demonstrated his dedication to working at this level. Since 1999 he has labored on these issues and will apply this same dedication to serving the community as judge.

While Stan knows the law inside and out on district court issues, he has something perhaps even more important which is high ethical standards. Stan has this internal compass that will guide him in this vital community role. As a member of the bar, I encourage you to vote for Glisson.

Piper Thornburgh

Bainbridge Island

PUD choice

To the editor:

I’m endorsing Alice Tawresey for Kitsap PUD commissioner. She is eminently qualified with over 46 years of leadership in our county, including 12 years as the mayor of the city of Winslow.

She has been appointed by the governor to be on the Ferry Tariff Policy Committee, and state Transportation Commission.

Between the Bainbridge community and Kitsap work she’s been involved with she always shows her commitment to the issues.

Maria Mason

Bainbridge Island

Like Lester

To the editor:

If you have ever talked with Debra Lester in person, you quickly realize she is a caring, smart person who listens well to others. Engage her in a conversation about the work of the Kitsap Public Utilities District and you also realize the depth of her knowledge about water systems and internet issues.

That combination of caring, listening and knowledge is what we need for a KPUD commissioner as our county faces the challenges of population growth and environmental changes. I’m casting my vote for Debra. Please join me.

Beverly Parsons


Pick Tawresey

To the editor:

I enthusiastically support Alice Tawresey for Kitsap Public Utility District commissioner because she is knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to serving her community. Alice is a “doer,” someone ready to jump in and make a difference for her family, community or greater Kitsap County.

In 1992 when we moved to Washington, Alice was one of the first people I met. We collaborated on Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and several committees supporting Bainbridge schools, including co-chairing 8th-grade banquets and senior cruises multiple times. She had innovative ideas and could rally support from many people. I enjoyed working with Alice because she was task-oriented, easy to work with, and inspiring as a committee member and leader. She always exuded positivity and a can-do attitude.

As a counselor at Bainbridge High School, I often saw Alice substituting for different teachers. Having retired after 15 years as a teacher at BHS, Alice continued to be an advocate for students and the district.

Alice’s remarkable resume of community and state-appointed service is not surprising, knowing her enthusiasm and energy for everything she tackles. Adept at researching facts and communicating with others, she thrives on expanding her knowledge and abilities.

Tawresey would be a dynamic asset for the PUD.

Jamie Walter

Bainbridge Island