Letters to the Editor

Majority rule in Hansville truly seems to be a foreign concept

As I stated in a previous writing in a Web site against the privatization of public roads in Kitsap County, we have the sophisticated equipment that is capable of counting cars, and recording speeds of each car among other statistics.

This equipment was used in the Hansville area, and other areas around the county, I’m sure.

I am specifically addressing the areas that have been subsequently obstructed with speed bumps/speed tables/or speed humps on our only two roads of access to hundreds of households in the Hansville area. I am baffled as to why we own such instruments of calculation, if they are not used for our benefit but rather used against the majority.

I for one am a firm believer that the majority of people are safe and reasonable drivers. If we weren’t, we’d be crashing constantly. I’m pretty sure I have driven a million miles without accident.

I do not necessarily, however, drive the posted speed when I feel it is unfounded like the speeds posted on the bump front Hood Canal drive and now, Hansville Highway. The information gathered from the traffic monitoring equipment should have been a solid indicator of what the speed limit should be posted.

Do not the MAJORITY RULE in this country? The answer to that question is becoming quite obvious.

Doug Leibrant


Poulsbo Finances

City budget process is right on track?

Our mayor (Quade) states, “It’s a question of balancing your wants against your abilities. It’s been a priority for us to maintain a higher level of service. Coping with lid caps it becomes harder and harder to allocate funds.”

Our city finance director states, “It’s hard to balance your budget when your revenue is going up 1 percent and your expenses are going up 10-15 percent.”

Councilman and city finance committee member (Rudolph) states, “The artificially low limit on property taxes is a concern. You can feel the tightening.”

Talk to your citizens. They also “feel the tightening.” They cannot afford to allow their expenses to increase 10-15 times the increase in their income. Neither can our city administration.

Howard W. Smith


Thank You

S’Klallam Tribe has been a great help

In light of some of the negative letters I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe for some of the improvements in our joint neighborhood.

Thank you so much for the beautiful library you have built for all of us to enjoy on your reservation. Thank you for the stunning longhouse that helps us all be part of a continued link between the past and the present. What a great way to keep history alive in this area. Not to mention to have a building designed by renowned architect James Cutler in our neighborhood.

Thank you for providing job opportunities in this part of the county, so we can try to cut back on driving and save this gorgeous area from some pollution.

Thank you for helping to lower the speed limit on Hansville Road. If it took building a casino to accomplish this to avoid more fatalities due to high speeds I welcome it. I do believe that most of us that drive on this road on a daily basis recognize that the increased traffic is due to several factors, such as the amount of houses that have been built around this part of the county, the new Albertsons store, a tribal casino, nurseries, a coming Rite Aid store, etc. Hansville Road is turning in to a business corridor due to all of us that live here. With an even larger casino I hope the tribe will be able to help us get a left turn lane created by the casino. They do seem to be able to get the job done. I think it is great if we can all work together to make the road safer to drive on.

In short, thanks so much for being good neighbors and keep up the good job you are doing!

Kerstin Powell


Duo made difference for Parks and Rec

North Kitsap is graced with a glorious scenic setting that has plenty of enjoyable diversions. But, outstanding people give a community its spirit. Two such notable residents that have lent their hearts to bettering our environs and providing quality recreational activities are Barb Messinger and Jim Drummond.

Both Jim and Barb are retiring members of the City of Poulsbo’s Parks and Recreation Commission. Barbara is past chair of the commission, having played a key role in fostering recreational programs and new green spaces like Oyster Plant Park and Fish Park. Jim has served on community boards for a whopping 17 years, primarily with the Parks and Recreation Commission. He is also past commission chairman, known for his level head and reasoned voice.

Jim and Barb, thank you for all that you’ve done. We salute you the more because this is entirely a volunteer service you’ve done for the community.

Through your time and efforts, both of you have championed for such worth goals as: more public trails, playfields, tot lots, quality community education and fitness programs, youth and senior programs. Jim and Barb, with your assistance a brand new city park will be taking shape next year to celebrate Poulsbo’s 100th anniversary, Centennial Park.

The Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Commission meets the fourth Monday every month to advise the city on P&R matters. Consider your own opportunity for community involvement in the tradition of Jim Drummond and Barb Messinger.

Wayne Hill

Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Commissioner

Sports Haus’ service is quite exceptional

Recently, I was reminded why I love living in Poulsbo and shopping at our local stores. 

We shop at Sport Haus a lot; every sports season for two boys meant new shoes, socks and various clothing items. Ed and Paulette, the owners of Sport Haus, were always there to help. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was browsing for Christmas presents with my son while he was home from college and he showed me a few things he liked. 

I returned by myself and purchased a great pair of slippers for him. 

Paulette called me the next day and told me that she thought I had purchased the wrong color, she was sure my son wanted the lighter pair and had put a pair aside for me. Sure enough, I checked with James and Paulette was right.  

It was amazing customer service. And, when I stopped in at closing time to exchange the slippers I was greeted with good cheer and on my way out, there was Ed, helping a young man start his car that had stalled. 

Thank you Sport Haus for all of the great customer service throughout the year and reminding me of why I support our local small-business owners.

Denise J. May