Letters to the Editor

PSRC meeting attendance urged

We encourage everyone to help shape the future of Kitsap County by attending a public hearing hosted by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) from 6-8 p.m. Dec. 18 at the Kitsap County Administration Building, 619 Division Street, Port Orchard.

The PSRC will be taking public testimony on VISION 2040, an important strategy document that will have long-term implications for our citizens, the region and Kitsap County’s overall land use policies, transportation systems, economic development and environmental planning.

We requested a hearing in Kitsap County and we thank the PSRC for responding to our request. It is vital for our citizens to have an equal opportunity to have their voices heard in person. The VISION 2040 document could become policy by this spring in 2008.

We hope that you will attend the hearing and share your ideas, concerns and vision for the future of Kitsap County. Your input will ultimately help make VISION 2040 truly reflective of our entire region.

Kitsap County Board of Commissioners

Josh Brown, chair, District No. 3

Jan Angel, District No. 2

Steve Bauer, District No. 1

PSRC looking to dictate policies

I’d like to invite everyone to a very important meeting at 6 p.m. Dec. 18 County Commissioners Chambers, Administration Bldg. 619 Division, Port Orchard. This will be an opportunity for the people of Kitsap County to learn how a regional government (Puget Sound Regional Council — PSRC) is planning to micromanage our lives with their plan “Vision 2040.”

According to PSRC, “Vision 2040” is about the region’s future. This 100 page “Vision” lays out policies that will improve our region’s quality of life, and will balance “…individual rights with the larger needs and values of society”.

They’re taking care of it all — transportation, economic development, land use, environmental justice and social equity. Even global warming hasn’t been overlooked. We’ll have fewer automobiles, “greener” homes “efficient” landscaping — all the better to reduce greenhouse gasses.

PSRC is worried about our well-being. They plan to “Develop the relationship between land use and health,” exploring ways to improve our physical, social and mental health. Their plan is to get us packed into the cities and get us out of our cars so we’ll be healthier and happier. According to PSRC, obesity, depression and premature death are all connected to “the ways we travel.” They know what is best for us and they are taking steps to solve all of our problems whether we like it or not. Vision 2040 is the epitome of social engineering.

PSRC staff tells us that they are not a regulatory agency and it is not mandatory for local jurisdictions to adopt their policies. But they won’t tell you, unless you ask, that PSRC has a magic wand that turns their policies in laws and regulations. Grant money! PSRC controls millions of dollars of grant money. Jurisdictions that don’t adopt PSRC’s policies as regulations will risk losing grant money. PSRC is a regional government based in Seattle covering four counties; Snohomish, King, Pierce and Kitsap. Kitsap County has 3 percent of the vote in the PSRC hierarchy. King County has 52 percent.

Who do you want making the laws we here in Kitsap County must live by; the people you vote into office or a regional government out of Seattle in which Kitsap County has 3 percent influence? You need to be at this meeting!

Vivian Henderson,

Executive Director,

Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners

Port Orchard